Removable cartridges are installed in the water filters of any type: flow and reverse osmosis, wall-mounted and pitcher. Change them regularly, but how often depends on many factors, first and foremost, of course, of how clean water enters the filter through the pipes. The cartridge may be made of ion-exchange resins, activated carbon, polypropylene and even tightly wound twine. To replace the cartridge under the force and the layman.
Reasons why you need to change the cartridge, too few. First, a clogged cartridge slows down the process of water purification. Secondly, significantly reduces the quality of cleaning and, hence, reduced drinking water quality due to high content of suspended matter. Third, the "clogged" filter is not only useless, but is a danger due to the mud, which accumulates in the flask of the filter. And finally, if it is a filter, operating on the principle of reverse osmosis, it is an important element of the membrane, may be damaged.
The wall-mounted filters and pitcher type typically used in apartments and houses with a Central water supply, in which water is supplied already pre-treated. Because the exterior of the cartridge over time not much changed in the process of operation, filter manufacturers supply them with a device where you can set the date of replacement. How often should I change the cartridge written in the user manual usually, the lifetime of the cartridge is 30 to 60 days and depends on how many liters of cleaning it up. The indicator of necessity of replacement of the cartridge may serve as the build up of limescale in the kettle or appeared foreign taste of the water.
Flow-through filters are often installed in homes with Autonomous water supply, in which water comes directly from a well or from a well located near the house. Usually, the bulb of these filters are transparent and you can see the degree of contamination of the cartridge. Even with good water quality, the cartridges in flow-through filters should be changed not less than once in 2-3 months and the reverse osmosis membrane type – not less than once in 2-3 years.
In the case when the system has several stages of filters, often you should change the one that carries out the primary treatment. Usually for filtering in the first step using cartridges made of polypropylene, a subsequent – activated carbon. Cartridge first step it is necessary to change not less than once in 2 months, the second and the third time in six months.