Close the faucet to stop the flow of the filter. The kit with filterom is a special crane for installation and repair. With the help of this faucet you Unscrew the bottom part of the filter.
Now remove the old cartridge. On all modern filterOh, except those that purify water mechanically, there are at the end of the cartridge rubber-seals. Check out these gaskets. If they are soft, retain elasticity, it is better to remove them, wash and leave for later use. Bad sign, if rubber-seals have become hard and tight, then they will definitely replace it. The fact is that without the soft rubber bands, new replacement filter to tighten you will be applying a lot of effort. Tighten gently and slowly.
Remove the bulb remnants water, wash thoroughly the flask. Conveniently pre-score for that bucket of water. Then, in a clean flask place the new replacement cartridge, then screw the bulb until it stops.
In that case, if you have a reverse osmosis unit, clean the flask with installed replaceable filterom complete the pre-cooked already purified water. This should be done for the reason that the membrane in the reverse osmosis prone to damage under the action of the air bubbles. If you use an ordinary filterof the om, without the membrane, the air will pass through the faucet.
The same sequence of actions replace the other cartridges. After replacing all cartridges try to gradually open the tap. Carefully examine the filter for leaks. When entering the water in the filter , see that it is not leaking in the gap formed between the bulb and the base of the filter. If he noticed the seepage of water, turn off the water and over tighten the bulb. If water is still leaking, Unscrew the bulb and verify the integrity of the rubber ring in the hollow of the bulb. If you find any damage to the ring, then replace it.