Find suitable for your aquarium filter, certain of the manufacturer. Through proper selection, you will get rid of the further problems with the filters.
Consult with experts or sellers, they will help you choose the right filter, tell you how to properly care for your aquarium and its inhabitants, how to clean it, how to monitor the degree of contamination.
Buy a suitable for your aquarium internal filter. Unzip, read the instructions and try to install according to the instructions in the aquarium. It needs to be filled with water. Remove all the fish from the aquarium, in order that they will not interfere with the filter installation.
Dip the internal filter into the water, completely, so that the top was covered with water to a depth of about ten to fifteen millimeters.
Attach to the walls of aquarium internal filter. They usually have Velcro, thanks to which they are attached to the walls of the aquarium. This will help to lock it to a certain level and don't move neither one way nor the other.
Install the filter to the outside left tube, which is attached to the hose. This will facilitate cleaning and will give your fish a clean environment in which they will live. Through this tube leaves the discharge water, which enters through the sponge located at the end of the tube of the filter.
Turn on the filter in the socket in order for it work. Don't forget about safety, including checking how it works.
Check the internal filter for your aquarium. To do this, bring the hand to the upper outlet if you feel a jet of water, then the filter is functioning as it should. A few minutes to see if it works.
Place the fish in the tank and see whether it is cozy to them with a filter. If everything is in order, and it works as needed, can continue to enjoy their Pets. Importantly do not forget to feed them and to monitor the cleanliness in the aquarium. A clean environment will help them to extend maximum life and thus longer to please you.