Advice 1: How to install an internal filter in the aquarium

For a man one of the most soothing sights is the observation of how fish swim. It calms the nerves and relaxes the body, and most importantly pleasing to the eye. But behind them it is necessary not only to observe but also to take care of. In particular, care about cleanliness of water.
How to install an internal filter in the aquarium
Find suitable for your aquarium filter, certain of the manufacturer. Through proper selection, you will get rid of the further problems with the filters.
Consult with experts or sellers, they will help you choose the right filter, tell you how to properly care for your aquarium and its inhabitants, how to clean it, how to monitor the degree of contamination.
Buy a suitable for your aquarium internal filter. Unzip, read the instructions and try to install according to the instructions in the aquarium. It needs to be filled with water. Remove all the fish from the aquarium, in order that they will not interfere with the filter installation.
Dip the internal filter into the water, completely, so that the top was covered with water to a depth of about ten to fifteen millimeters.
Attach to the walls of aquarium internal filter. They usually have Velcro, thanks to which they are attached to the walls of the aquarium. This will help to lock it to a certain level and don't move neither one way nor the other.
Install the filter to the outside left tube, which is attached to the hose. This will facilitate cleaning and will give your fish a clean environment in which they will live. Through this tube leaves the discharge water, which enters through the sponge located at the end of the tube of the filter.
Turn on the filter in the socket in order for it work. Don't forget about safety, including checking how it works.
Check the internal filter for your aquarium. To do this, bring the hand to the upper outlet if you feel a jet of water, then the filter is functioning as it should. A few minutes to see if it works.
Place the fish in the tank and see whether it is cozy to them with a filter. If everything is in order, and it works as needed, can continue to enjoy their Pets. Importantly do not forget to feed them and to monitor the cleanliness in the aquarium. A clean environment will help them to extend maximum life and thus longer to please you.
When buying an aquarium remember that but peace from him you'll still care for its residents and their habitat, that is an aquarium. Always check for its purity.

Advice 2: Filter for aquarium with your own hands

Any aquarium filtration is necessary. Tiny dirt particles, waste products of the inhabitants, other organic matter tends to gradually decompose, releasing harmful ammonia. To avoid poisoning should accelerate the process that transforms harmful substances into nitrates.
Filter for aquarium with your own hands
The biofilter of an aquarium – the conversion of ammonia to nitrites and then to nitrates. This process takes place with the participation of the living in the fish tank beneficial bacteria, and is dependent on oxygen uptake. It is necessary to maintain in the aquarium continuous flow of water rich in oxygen, which is achieved by using a filter.

Buy filter for aquarium in the store, but if the price seems excessive, it is possible to make at home. The efficiency will depend on how carefully you treat it.

How to make a filter for the aquarium alone

To make a homemade filter for aquarium, you will need a bottle of sparkling water with a capacity of about a pint, plastic tube the same diameter as the inner diameter of a bottleneck, a piece of batting, a small pebble fraction is not more than five millimeters, compressor with hose.

The bottle should be carefully cut into two parts. One of them must be greater than the other to get the small bowl with spout and a large bottom. The bowl neck is directed upwards and with force pushed into the bottom, so she sat tight there. On the outer circumference of the bowl is necessary to make some holes through which water will flow into the filter. It is better to make holes with a diameter of 3-4 mm, to arrange them in two rows, 4-6 holes in a row. The tube inserted into the neck of the bowl so that it went with little effort. Between the pipe and the neck of the gaps should not be. The length of the tubing should be chosen in such a way that she acted a little over design. In the bottom of the bottle it should not stretch so that the water came to her freely.

On top of the bowl a six-centimeter-layer of backfill with gravel and cover it with a layer of batting. In the tube, install a hose aerator lock. When the whole structure is placed in the aquarium, vkluchaetsia that the filter started to work. The filter is running will appear beneficial bacteria, so the ammonia in the aquarium will decompose the nitrates.

The principle of operation of a homemade filter

Design a homemade filter based on the airlift technique. From the compressor, air bubbles are fed into the tube, and from there go up and thus pulling water out of the filter. Fresh water enriched with oxygen gets to the top of the glass and passes through the layer of gravel. Then it goes through the holes made in the bowl goes down and the tube falls away to the aquarium. Polyester performs the role of a mechanical filter it is necessary to prevent siltation of gravel in there.

Advice 3: How to choose filter for aquarium

The most important equipment in an aquarium is the filter. Filters are required for cleaning of aquarium water and enriching it with oxygen. In the absence of the filterand the contents and maintenance of the aquarium becomes a troublesome task, not speaking about the health of your aquatic Pets. Better to have this equipment.
How to choose filter for aquarium
You will need
  • In order to choose and set the filter, you will need: an aquarium that will be filled with settled water.
The filter is a necessary thing in your aquarium. This equipment is divided into two types: internal, which will be located inside the aquarium, and, of course, external (this filter will be mounted outside the aquarium). Select the type of filteras follows depending on the volume of the aquarium. Also have the filterfollowing materials that are used for mechanical and biological water treatment: activated carbon, expanded clay or ceramic filler.
Filter with UV lamp.
Internal aquarium filter consists of a pump and sponge. The sponge is passed through contaminated water, and comes out clean. Such a filter can be used in small aquariumto 200 liters. Very sponge-filter needs to be cleaned and, to the extent of wear, replace with new. The efficiency of the filterand will depend on the size, type and capacity.
Internal <strong>filter</strong> <b>aquarium</b>.
External aquarium filteryou have canister. This canister is always out of the aquarium. From such a filterand there are two hose. From one water hose enters the canister, and through another goes back into the aquarium. When water gets into the canister, then there is several stages of mechanical, chemical and biological treatment. This filter is used for large aquariums or aquariumx smaller volume. At the small aquarium the level of water pollution does not allow to keep the internal filter. Some filters can be combined with the compressor, that is, along with cleaning water can saturate the water with oxygen and also with UV lamp.
External <strong>filter</strong> <b>aquarium</b>.
Remember that any aquarium filter needs to work continuously, without interruption.
Useful advice
Don't skimp and get high-quality filter, because it determines the health of your fish.
It is best to take the filter with integrated: a compressor and a UV lamp (like all living things, fish need the sun).
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