To select the household filter for water you can after you decide the type. You can set the kitchen cheap filter jug type, having two tanks. At the top pour water from the tap. Through a special removable cassette fromthe filteravanna water flows into the lower reservoir. The disadvantages of these filters are frequent change outs, a small tank volumes and the time required to ensure that the water is clean.
Running mesh filter, which is installed on the crane, cheap enough, but allows fromfilteracce only solid slurry and sand. Chemical substances dissolved in water, such a filter will not hold up. If it is equipped with a valve for pressure relief, it can serve as protection from sudden changes in pressure in the water.
Embedded multi-stage filter for purification of water – the device is quite expensive, but the quality is passed through it water is very good. Such a filter installed under the kitchen sink, water is supplied through a separate tap. This saves you fromfiltervannoy water and not to use it for washing dishes. Such a device allows fromfilteracce to 8000 litres of water without replacing the filterhousego material. It can have from 3 to 8 stages of cleaning.
If you chose to filtere jug type, keep in mind that it can be used with different types of cassettes, is designed for water with different chemical composition. They can additionally ftorirovanie purified water, to soften it and get rid of iron impurities. For disinfection of water , apply the filters with simultaneous UV irradiation, ozonation or chlorination.
More recently, manufacturers are offering appliances filters working on a method of reverse osmosis. In their composition includes a ceramic membrane, whose cells are so small that they can pass only molecules of water and oxygen, and a dirty residue appears in the sewers. These filters are more efficient and relatively inexpensive.
Select for your kitchen appliances the filter in accordance with its financial possibilities, needs and composition of the water.