Water treatment plant only brought drinking water to certain standards, but when passing through the pipes it can worsen your condition due to the presence of rust on metal. Water with an unpleasant odor can be easily cleaned using water filters, manufacturers guarantee the efficiency up to 99 %. To select a filter for the purification of tap water, it is necessary to consider a number of nuances.

Types of water filters

Filters vary in cleaning technology. This can be a device with multistage treatment, electrochemical filters that kill bacteria and remove impurities. Meet ionoobmennye filters that make the water soft, removes salt, heavy metals. You can buy equipment with sorption filtration, their work is based on the absorption of chlorine, organic substances filter. Usually, it is activated carbon. In selling, there are membrane filters for water that is reliable and versatile.

The most common today, a simple filter jugs. These cleaners are liquid and have an attractive price, they are popular because of ease of use. To purify water, just pour it in the bowl of the pitcher – liquid will pass through the built-in cartridge. The volume of the filter-jugs, varies up to 2 litres on average, is specifically to look after such equipment is not necessary, you only need to regularly change the cartridge.

Sold and a nozzle on the crane, filters of this type can be in the form of barrel or cylinder. They occupy minimal space and are screwed to the faucet, automatically cleaning the entire incoming water. There are filter-tips with switches, with which you can not remove the device when necessary to obtain normal water. Resource and performance of each nozzle will vary.

What other water filters are

Wall, table filters – the device flow type that connects to the faucet hose. Considered to be the most efficient and productive filters of this type are mounted on the wall or on a countertop near the faucet.

Stationary devices – suitable for a large family, provide optimal cleaning. Filters of this type have excellent performance and capacity, they are mounted under the sink and filter tap when the installation is displayed above the sink. Stationary filters require tapping into the water supply.

The cost of water filters varies, this equipment allows to clean the liquid from different kinds of impurities, heavy metals, rust, bacteria. When buying fixtures, you need to consider the quality of cleaning and efficiency of the filter, you can select a device family or a single person.