Apply to travel

Travel agents are the agents in the tourist market between the operator that creates the product (tour package, including flights, transfers and accommodation) and tourist as final consumer. Every city, even the smallest, is usually the travel Agency offers including last minute. You can inquire by phone or come directly to the office of the company. The largest and most advanced agencies usually offer the opportunity to consult online.

You can and should pre-apply to the travel agent with a request to trace cheap tours in the chosen direction, leaving your contacts for operational communications. However, you have to understand that sale burning stages implies two things.

1. The willingness to leave the country at any time, though the next day the field of purchasing.
2. A visa to the chosen country, if for citizens of Russia it is not granted a visa-free regime or not provided visa on arrival.

Appeal directly to the tour operators

You can bypass the travel agents and try to appeal directly to the tour operators to call or come to their office and visit their sites. In this case, the tourist has the chance to save another thousand or two rubles, which are designed originally as a Commission to the travel agent. However, not everywhere and not always.
Among the Russian tour operators the most affordable prices is famous for the "big three" - "Pegas Touristik", "TEZ Tour" and "Biblio Globus". The probability to pick up a tour at the best price from these companies.

Monitoring the Internet

Those who are accustomed to look for information on the Internet, it will be easy to pick up hot tour, on the relevant queries in search engines. Fortunately, in recent times, there are many online stores burning permits from different regions of the country. For example, searching for "Thailand tours from Irkutsk," in the first line of issue, you can find sites that offer two-week tours in the land of Smiles "tasty" prices – from 13 000 roubles.

Similarly, you can pick up discounted tickets to various tourist country with departure from any city of Russia. However, you need to be careful in selecting a tour that way. You should carefully check the reputation of the website offering vouchers and to find out the level included in the tour package services: "stardom" hotel, which the airline owns the plane, arranging transportation, etc.