Don't pay for a travel ticket. Even if you are an avid traveler and afraid to ride in a foreign country independently, to break away from the hotel with a bus and guide overpower yourself - once you try not to book a full tour of Europe in the tourist company. You are very good will save, and order plane tickets and hotel or hostel will not be easy – it can be easily done through the Internet. Visa also should not be any problems if you have designed plane tickets, insurance, hotel reservation and proof of a Bank account.
Look for promotions and discounts, in Europe, they can be significant, and for all kinds of tourist services. At a significant discount, you can buy tickets, book a hotel. Today, buy a plane ticket to Europe sometimes in two or even three times cheaper than to fly the same distance in Russia. Within Europe plane tickets between countries can cost about 20-30 dollars, and it is even cheaper than train travel and especially by car.
The cheapest way to travel between cities in Europe will be hitching a ride. And if in Russia this kind of movement has not yet received such popularity in Europe and got used to it long ago. It is safe and free, you just stand on the track, vote, negotiate with driver to any point he will be able to drop off, and thank him after the trip in words, share lunch or coffee in the diner. In order to explain to the driver, you need a minimal knowledge of the language, the main thing – do not be shy of communicating with the locals.
To save money on accommodation, instead of a hotel to book seats in hostels is a variant of a European hostel, quite clean and comfortable. Seasoned travelers do not spend money even in hotels or hostels. They carry tents and sleeping bags, settling down for the night under the open sky in camps, which throughout Europe quite a lot. For a place in the camp also have to pay, but much less than for a hotel or hostel.
There is an option at all with free accommodation. For this you need to agree in advance with the receiving face of the city, where are you headed. There are special travel services: where tourists from different countries looking for people who can take at home for a couple of nights while traveling. The service is free, like living in a house such as the home.
Being in a European city, don't go too much on public transport, it is very expensive. All sights are in the centre, so you'll have to walk a lot. If you know the language of the host country or at least English, you can rent a bike for the day, it is easier and cheaper than public transport.
Instead of expensive customized tours use the services of a special free tours. It is performed by volunteers in most European cities, tourists in the most visited monuments. At the end of the tour if you wish, you can leave them some money, but this is not required. Such tours are conducted in English regardless of what city are tourists, and last about 2.5-3 hours.