You will need
  • - application for state registration notarized (form PH001);
  • - Charter in 3 copies;
  • Protocol on the establishment or the decision (if one founder) in 2 copies;
  • - document about payment of state duty;
  • - information about the founders;
  • - information about the legal address and contact phones (for example a letter of guarantee from the owner or copy of lease agreement);
  • - certificate of incorporation (if one of the founders is a legal person).
The founding document of the Autonomous nonprofit organization is a Charter approved by the General meeting of shareholders. Charter of such organization shall contain the following information: name, location, purpose, activities, information about branches and representative offices, the source of assets, the procedure and other important provisions.
Should be treated with special care to the choice of names, because you can refuse registration on the grounds that there is already Autonomous non-commercial organization of the same name.
If several founders in order to avoid possible differences in the implementation of the activities should conclude a Memorandum of Association. The contract shall include information about the order of control of activity, the specific authority of the founders, describes the procedure of withdrawal of a participant from the organization, etc.
In addition to the Memorandum and articles of Association, for the registration of the Autonomous non-commercial organizations will need to pay stamp duty, to prepare the registration statement, the solution (or Protocol) on the establishment and approval of the constituent documents, and the appointment of governing bodies, information about the founders, information about the legal address and contact phones. If the founder or one of founders is a legal person, provided in addition to the certificate of incorporation.
The package of documents for registration filed by the applicant in territorial body of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation within three months from the date of the decision on the establishment of an Autonomous nonprofit organization.
Within two weeks a decision will be made on registration. Further required documents will be forwarded to the tax office.
Within five days will be recorded in the register, and within three days after the recording you will receive a certificate of state registration of the Autonomous non-commercial organizations.