According to pediatricians, fully developing a child, do not have deviations in health, in the Walker simply does not need. It is more a need of parents than the baby. As for harm from the use of a Walker, rumors of this are greatly exaggerated.

Why parents get the parents ' child

Those parents who buy the baby walkers with the aim to learn faster to walk a few mistaken. By themselves, the walkers are not going to help them the child learns is that it is good to start from the floor. To walk, first you have to learn to keep balance, and the ability to move the legs there is almost no use.

No doubt, Walker is very convenient – not only for the child, exploring his body, but also for mom. While toddler fun kicking off the floor and is worn with a Walker around the house, mom can safely do household chores or simply relax. The child is supervised and busy with interesting gymnastic exercises. But even their weight cannot be felt in this fixture – it fully accounts for the special cloth knickers that reach almost to the armpits of the baby, and on the frame. And to begin to walk, you have to feel your weight and be able to control the body's position in space.

What harm can be from using a Walker

Everything is good in moderation. And walkers – a long term bad effect on the immature spine of the baby and can trigger even curvature. If you've decided to purchase a Walker, it is better to do it when the child is well enough, that is, after they reach nine months. To put the baby in a Walker should not more often than twice a day, and the duration of them must not be more than half an hour.

You should not force the kid to his feet before he enough it will get stronger. Than later there is a vertical load on the child's spine, the better the chances are that the child is well enough ligaments and muscles, and bipedalism in this case, will not pose a danger. Need to make sure that the child is not accustomed to move, starting from the floor with toes or the edge of the foot – when he will learn to stand without the help of a Walker, it will create additional difficulties. The support should be fully on the whole foot.

If the child spends in the Walker for more than an hour a day, it will not bring harm. The main thing – not to abuse. You will also need to limit the movement of the baby around the room to make sure he didn't run in the Walker, didn't fly to the corners of the furniture and would not come out with a particularly clever turn.