Walker: recommendations for use

Due to the fact that this miracle devices is still hovering much debate about its dangers and benefits, no clear guidelines at what age a baby can use a Walker. But there is a list of recommendations that should be used for young parents. Thus it is necessary to focus exclusively on the individual characteristics of your baby.

Age limit

To put a child in a Walker only if he is able to sit independently and stand up holding onto something for support. It mostly happens in 6-7 months. In the case of the earlier use of this device you can give a heavy load on the fragile spine of the baby and thus trigger a child's serious illness.

Time frame

The maximum period during which the baby can be held in the Walker is 40 minutes a day. How much time a baby spends in them, depends on the further development of the spine and musculoskeletal system.
To start using this design should be 3-5 minutes per day, gradually increasing the time.

The correct position

Before using a Walker, you need to adjust them for growth of the baby. When properly position the baby has support on the whole foot, and his legs should be slightly bent at the knees, to be able to make a start.

Safe area for walking

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to leave a child in a Walker one. In addition, to apply this device is possible only in spacious areas without the presence of narrow doorways, thresholds and stairs.

Contraindications to the use of a Walker: rickets, elevated or on the contrary low muscle tone of the legs, disorders of function of musculoskeletal system, and the presence of the child damage to the skin in the area of contact with the walkers.

How to choose walkers

With the right choice of walkers there are several important details that you must first pay attention:

- The design base should be broad and sustainable. It is desirable that it had a protective rubber bumper.
- Wheels are large and easy maneuvering in all directions.
- The seat is wide, not too stiff, but not of thin material. In addition, the availability of internal soft bumper to fully protect baby from harsh bumps and collisions.
- The back should be high and hard.
- Height – adjustable for growing baby.
The seat should be easy to wash or have a removable cover.

However, before using the Walker you should consult with your pediatrician. Only he, watching over your toddler, can give good advice and properly weigh the pros and cons.