Almost every mom dreams of even ten minutes of free time. Sometimes not enough time even to wash. A small child may not be left unattended and requires constant attention. Parents come to the conclusion that the child can take a Walker. Moreover, it is useful for development.

But not so simple. It is important to know when to use a Walker. The boy and the girl not at one time become the Walker. Physical development of boys ahead of girls. Keep in mind a lot of nuances.

When you can use a Walker

It is believed that the Walker can be used from four months. But it is misleading. The spine of the child at this age is still very weak, and extra load should be excluded.

For a start, the child must learn to independently hold the head and arch your back. Another condition is the ability to sit and put the foot fully on the floor. It is best to consult with a podiatrist and a pediatrician on this issue.

Boys can begin to raise the Walker with 7-8 months. Usually by this age they can already stand at the pillar. They have actively pursued the formation of the musculoskeletal system.

Girls may be allowed from 9-10 months. Very carefully you need to approach this issue. When hip dysplasia the use of this unit is prohibited. You need to consider a huge load on the pelvis of the expectant mother. The formation of the skeletal system does not tolerate strong loads.

The use of a Walker should be kept to a minimum. It is better to apply when absolutely necessary. Children after a long stay in the Walker in the future often suffer from hyperactivity.

How much time you can spend in the Walker

Even if the child is delighted with this hobby longer than an hour keep him there not worth it. The first time should last no longer than three minutes, daily increasing the time. The best would be finding this device for ten minutes.

Walkers with proper and timely use of the help the child develop physical activity, learn to calculate the speed sense their position in space. But hurry with their use is still not worth it. The load on the spine at this age is not necessary.