Missed abortion is the termination of the growth and development of the fetus, its death in the womb. This problem can arise at different stages of pregnancy, most often occurs in the first trimester (twelve weeks). Often the first signs of fetal death in early pregnancy could find only on routine inspection at the gynecologist. And sometimes it happens a few weeks later, as the stood pregnancy are manifested without any obvious signs, barely noticeable.

The first symptom that may indicate this problem occurs, it becomes sudden cessation of nausea (morning sickness, chasing a future mother). In addition, there are clear symptoms that indicate the presence of pregnancy: breast pain and also decrease the basal temperature. But the woman can not make those signs really matter, especially if the pregnancy is still very small.

Late in the term missed abortion can occur in different ways. It can be strong cramping and pulling pain in the abdomen and the presence of vaginal bleeding. These symptoms also indicate the possibility of abortion due to peeling the ovum. In addition, the fetal death in the later period is characterized by the absence of its perturbation. Therefore, these symptoms will not go unnoticed.

Reasons for the occurrence of these problems quite a lot. It is a hormonal disorder in the woman's body, chromosomal changes of the fetus, chronic and infectious diseases. But the most common cause of missed abortion is the wrong way of life of the expectant mother (abuse of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes), which are typical of the disease (toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, herpes) and the reception of potent drugs.