Some motorists prefer a loud exhaust sound. Louder roars the car, the better. But most prefer to make the machine as quiet as possible. To reduce the noise level can be increasing the mass of all the elements included in the exhaust system. It and the exhaust manifold, and pipe, and muffler. If you compare our cars with foreign cars, even the cheapest, we can see a significant difference in the design of the exhaust system. The cars it is much more massive. Tube walls are thick, they vibrate less, hence, extraneous sounds will also be less.

If the collector and resonator are long enough, the silencer quickly fails. Unfortunately, it is made of thin metal that easily corrode. And if we consider the fact that spare parts dealers do not bother much with the transportation of the metal, even on the new muffler you will find a lot of scratches, which soon begins to rust. Plus, think about condensation likes to build up in the muffler. It turns out that the water spoils the muffler from the inside. But condensate can be removed, making the lowest part of the muffler a small hole.

What do the muffler?

The most ideal material for the manufacture of the muffler is stainless steel. It is good that is not subject to corrosion, resistant to temperature and liquids. Plus stainless steel in the fact that even thin-walled pipe has a pretty impressive weight. And this is a decrease of vibration when the engine is running. Minus the use of the material must be able to work with him. Welding stainless steel is possible, for example, in argon with the use of special tungsten electrodes.

If you have experience in working with stainless steel and welder, then you will not be difficult to do a few stitches. By the way, the seams will have to do really a bit. Don't forget about the metal before starting work, depends on the strength of the welded joint. Of course, if it is not possible to use stainless steel, you can use any other metal that is weldable. It will serve, however, not so much.

How to make a silencer?

A nice addition in this process will be the old muffler. It is possible just to copy all the elements. From the resonator to the exhaust is one pipe. Its shape is very intricate, so you'll have literally millimeter bending the new pipe. The inaccuracy of one centimeter can cause in the end, the muffler will be in its place. So, the main element that needs special attention made. The tube is curved like factory.

Now we need to cut this pipe to size match the original. Now start manufacturing the barrel. It can be done as sheet steel and a piece of pipe. All pipes thoroughly scald, but inside the barrel is placed mineral wool which does not burn and is able to reduce the noise level. In conclusion, from the rear side of the barrel is welded a section of pipe. Silencer ready, you can install it on the car. Through the use of stainless steel increases the service life of the silencer.