The secret of popularity of tips on the muffler in the first place, is to improve the appearance of the car. Tatty exhaust pipe after installing the nozzle to create the impression that the car has a tuned exhaust system. In combination with other elements external of the body of the feed takes on the classic, exclusive or sporty. Also, many attachments to change the exhaust sound. Not all, and those that have in their design the resonator is a perforated box that controls the sound of the muffler. At the request of the client machine starts to sound more low and hollow, as if under the hood is a powerful eight-cylinder unit, not a standard Ford engine. Or Vice versa – the sound of the exhaust becomes high, as in racing car class "Formula-1". However, the change in the sound of the car does not mean change of its characteristics. Does not increase engine power or torque is not reduced environmentally friendly exhaust. That is the car is the tips often given by unscrupulous sellers. To the parameters of the power unit has improved, does not need the nozzle on the muffler and replacing the muffler on the sport. But to reduce the characteristics of the nozzle may, but only slightly. By increasing the resistance of the outgoing exhaust gases, they cause the motor to spend more energy on their promotion. So fashionable showerheads can cost a power reduction by 1-2%. You can find adjustable nozzle resonators. Such models allow the owner to change the sound of the muffler in a certain range. You can adjust the sound individually, if the effect of the other models for any reason someone is not satisfied. And you can change the sound every day in a mood. Tips on motorcycle mufflers – a separate conversation. Two-stroke motorcyclesand four high-powered bikes have a specially tuned exhaust system. The more engine power – the harder and finer tuning of the exhaust system. To improve it without special knowledge and equipment is impossible, and ruining just. Therefore, if you decide to put a nozzle on your motorcycle, be sure to consult with experts. And not with sellers, and with the engineers, technical experts and representatives of the dealerships. For two-stroke motorcycle engines are the nozzle, slightly improving the scavenging of the cylinder and, therefore, the filling of cylinders fuel-air mixture. It may slightly increase power, reduce fuel consumption and wear of cylinder-piston group. The positive effect is achieved only in the case if the nozzle is designed to work with a certain brand of two-stroke motor and high quality made.