For example, there is a case where the company in which you work, it concludes with some specific Bank, or several banks, the corporate contract, in which all employees of the enterprise in which you are working are maintained in the Bank. Thus, through this agreement, the Bank will like to see your level of wages and, on the basis of its level determines the limit of your personal loan. Thus, the Bank either allows or prohibits the issuance of credit without credit history.

But when even the Bank will be able to meet You, the potential customer, and give you a loan without any checks of credit history? There is a great option which referred to as the Lombard variant, that is issuing You the loan pledge any of Your property. This type of loan is granted only a fixed amount. Also strictly regulated the life of the loan. In addition to your existing property can also be secured precious metals, securities or anything else, that must also have its value.

The Bank is also able to give the customer store credit without verification. Commodity loan without checks of credit history and it is issued when you purchase a variety of appliances, but in this case, the administration of all banks can verify You as a customer on their own credit database.

Well, in the end, there are banks which are ready to provide You a cash loan even with a bad credit history or even in its absence, and there is a high probability that the loan You will be able to get even the day You applied. All You need to get a loan pair documents. In such cases, remember that the Bank has every right to present your potential borrower without a credit history individual requirements, as well as customers with bad credit history. We offer You a list of banks willing to provide You loan without credit history: Renaissance Credit, Russian standard, MIG CREDIT, credit Bank of Moscow, Home money and home Credit Bank.

Incidentally, the absence of any credit history for banks is much better than the "black" (bad) credit history, but it is much worse than excellent credit history and therefore, the client with bad credit history is usually too big amount of money is not issued. It is extremely important to customers without credit history have a job and a great experience, the property in the form of real estate and registration. Have a passport or car can also increase the chance to get a great loan with no credit history.