You will need
  • - handle;
  • paper;
  • - passport or driver's license.
The main problem of the person who operates informally, is the lack of income. And without this document, many banks refuse to work with potential customers. However, there are lending institutions that give out espress-loans or loans without certificates of income.
To do this, simply contact the Bank with your passport and fill out the form. Some banks require another document such as driver's license or military ID. The procedure is oznakomlenie your credit history. If you've borrowed and in time they were quenched, you, most likely, will not refuse this time. But if you defaulting borrower, that, likely, the loan you get.
Note that granting Express-credits and loans without certificates of income is quite risky for the Bank transactions. Therefore, the risk of the Bank you will have to pay a high interest rate. Moreover, such types of loans are usually provided in a small volume, the maximum you will receive 100 thousand rubles. Banks likely will give you money if you have any assets: housing, cars, etc.
If the Bank loan is not your option, you can try to get money using the employment center. But for this you need to register as unemployed. The state may allocate the money to you provided that would register as a sole proprietorship will be the business plan of the project and successfully defend it. However, unlike a Bank loan, the money trust, issued for business development, so their use will have to account for.
Another way to take credit is not officially a working person is to take their money from a private investor. You will be able to negotiate all of the terms of the transaction individually. Conditions in such firms can even be better than some commercial banks. But the interest on them will, most likely, above.