In this case, there is a great importance, with the result that the credit history was ruined. If a borrower missed a loan payment 1 or 2 times, then, having a bad credit history, there is a possibility to get a new loan. But if the case is brought to court as the loan is not paid back, the Bank is unlikely to give the customer a new loan. Information about damaged credit history of the borrower is available to all banks. Consequently, before granting a loan, the Bank has to check the credit history of your client.

The Bank is interested in each client and is not aiming to spoil his credit history. Failing to make timely payment on the loan with the Bank to discuss this issue. But the reality is different — the client begins to disappear from the Bank and greatly aggravates their situation. The Bank sends the borrower's debt collectors.

Of obtaining a loan with damaged credit history

• If you have received a Bank loan and, subsequently, you worsen your credit history, the next loan you are unlikely to give or get you with a higher percentage.

• To take a loan for a higher amount too unlikely. Although credit for urgent needs in the amount of up to 100 000 can be obtained relatively easily. The risks of such loans are included in the cost. They are issued in 30 minutes and the borrower are not particularly checked. If you have an irregular payment, then a loan you can not give.

• If you find a Bank that will give a loan despite the bad credit history, you will have to present a full package of documents and will check you more carefully than another customer.

• If you were given a loan despite the bad credit history, then try to justify the confidence and time to make payments . In the end, your credit history will be better and there is a possibility for future cooperation to get a large amount with reduced interest.

• Customer credit history is stored for 15 years. After this period, you can again obtain credit.

Competition to banks comprise the following institutions: pawnshops, credit cooperatives, microfinance institutions (MFIs) and credit exchange. These organizations do not check credit histories.

In a pawn shop give money under the Deposit of valuables without documents and without guarantors. The value of the loan is comparable to the cost of the item or below it. Percent to about 24-36% per annum. MFIs provide loans in the amount of up to 100 000 RUB, 100% per annum.

Credit consumer cooperative is an Association of natural and legal persons. to obtain a loan in this organization, you must become a member. The interest rate depends on the size and term of the loan and of 12-25% per year.

Credit exchange the outstanding loans for amount up to 100 000, not require documents. The interest rate in this case can reach 30% per annum.

To summarize, replacing the banks have, but the interest in them is much higher. It is better to avoid overdue payment for the loan and then your credit record will be good.