Advice 1: How to get a loan unemployed

A fascinating journey, buying a new car, building a house or Villa... all these and other needs, the Russians often take credit – for many people it is easier to pay the loan in small amounts than to accumulate the required amount. Banks are happy to agree to give a loan – this deal is beneficial to both parties. A large part of the creditgovernmental institutions in their home conditions necessarily notes: "credits are issued only to working citizens". What if you urgently needed a large sum of money, but officially you're unemployed? Is it possible to get a Bank loan, the unemployed person?
How to get a loan unemployed
First, assess your capacity to pay. In case if you are officially unemployed, but at least it's working without recording in the employment record or without any written employment contract), you should pay attention to the so-called "quick loans" offered today by most commercial banks. If you need a relatively small amount of money (100 thousand rubles) and short term (2-3 weeks), you can use the services of companies that offer prompt loans for 15-20 minutes without collateral or guarantors.
Interest on such loans is slightly higher, but grant will have only two papers, one of which is sure to be a passport. The second document is any that you see fit. When making such a loan does not need to provide the Bank with proof of income and copy of employment record. Accordingly, the procedure of obtaining a loanmuch easier and – because the form, you can specify any data on place of work and wages, and check no employment record, no one can. Such loans offers today, the majority of commercial banks. Financial institutions conduct special promotions, under which to take a loan.
Contact a crediting Agency. In cases where their own problem getting the loanand you still do not resolve, you can ask for help in special agencies that cooperate with commercial banks and facilitate the citizens in obtaining loans. Turning to such institutions, you will most likely receive a long-awaited loan. However, the services of the intermediary nature of the Agency, of course, will require payment – about 5 percent of the total amount of the obtained funds. If these conditions suit you, the problem will be resolved quickly and easily.

Advice 2 : Which Bank is better to take a loan without official work

For any lending Bank to be a key factor of the loan is the borrower's creditworthiness and ability to repay borrowed funds. In the case of unemployed, the Bank carries higher risks of default.
Which Bank is better to take a loan without official work

Specifics of getting loans unemployed

In Russia, the unemployed are those citizens who do not have jobs and those who work informally. In the latter case, citizens have the regular income, but confirm it documented they can't. This, for example, freelancers, Tutors, nannies, governesses, etc.

But for them banks offer loan programs that allow you to get the borrowed funds without inquiries on incomes and the documents confirming the seniority. Compared to classic lending under such programs provided for higher rates, which are designed to compensate for the high risks of banks. Loans under such programs is issued for a limited term (1-2 years). Interest rates on such loans can reach up to 50-60% per year.

Unemployed citizens unable to obtain credit on security of property. To do this, they must be owned by liquid collateral - real estate, car, securities, etc. the Collateral can significantly increase the available amount of credit and get a loan for a longer period. Often banks take into account indirect confirmation of the borrower's income. This, for example, the presence of the Deposit, shares, passports with a mark about crossing the border, title, etc. in this embodiment, it is possible to count on a more reasonable interest rate of 12-20% per annum and longer terms up to 5 years.

If there is no collateral, it is possible to involve guarantors who will assume full financial responsibility for non-payment of the loan borrower.

An important factor that affects dobroesti of credit is a good credit history. The presence of arrears in the past, as well as the lack of credit history, will serve as a negative aspect in the loan. Such citizens to get a loan will be even harder.

Unemployed can apply for a loan in pawnshops and microfinance institutions. However, the interest rate on such loans will be higher than in banks. The amount of crediting, as a rule, minimal.

What banks offer loans without formal jobs

Banks that offer loans with no official place of work, quite a lot. The choice of the optimal proposal can be based on the most reasonable interest rate and on the right all parameters of the program.

"Sovcombank" without certificates of income can take the credit "Cash" in the amount of 50 thousand rubles for six months. The interest rate is 12%. In the presence of the Certificate of registration of the vehicle in the Bank can take a great sum - up to 1 million rubles with the rate of 12,9% for up to 5 years.

Bank "Renaissance Credit unemployed you can get up to 500 thousand rubles for the term up to 3 years. The interest rate is 19.9 to 69.9%.
The Bank "home credit and Finance Bank, the borrower can receive the loan from lot of money 500" with the amount of 500 thousand rubles for the term up to 5 years. You'll need TCP in an additional document.

In "Orient Express Bank" is a loan target "Renovation Cache". It allows to limit of 500 thousand rubles, which can be removed as needed. The rate on this loan is up 27%.

In "Rosgosstrakh Bank" loan "Your terms" you can count on the credit to 300 thousand rubles, at the rate of 27%. You will need a passport or documents of ownership of assets or title.

Quite a lot of loan programs allow you to take a car loan. In this type of lending the car remains pledged to the Bank, so lending institutions are quite willing to give out these loans. Among them, VTB 24, URALSIB, Raiffeisenbank, Gazprombank, "avant-garde".
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