First, assess your capacity to pay. In case if you are officially unemployed, but at least it's working without recording in the employment record or without any written employment contract), you should pay attention to the so-called "quick loans" offered today by most commercial banks. If you need a relatively small amount of money (100 thousand rubles) and short term (2-3 weeks), you can use the services of companies that offer prompt loans for 15-20 minutes without collateral or guarantors.
Interest on such loans is slightly higher, but grant will have only two papers, one of which is sure to be a passport. The second document is any that you see fit. When making such a loan does not need to provide the Bank with proof of income and copy of employment record. Accordingly, the procedure of obtaining a loanmuch easier and – because the form, you can specify any data on place of work and wages, and check no employment record, no one can. Such loans offers today, the majority of commercial banks. Financial institutions conduct special promotions, under which to take a loan.
Contact a crediting Agency. In cases where their own problem getting the loanand you still do not resolve, you can ask for help in special agencies that cooperate with commercial banks and facilitate the citizens in obtaining loans. Turning to such institutions, you will most likely receive a long-awaited loan. However, the services of the intermediary nature of the Agency, of course, will require payment – about 5 percent of the total amount of the obtained funds. If these conditions suit you, the problem will be resolved quickly and easily.