Perekreditovanija the Russians leads to the fact that today, the percentage of problem loans with arrears is large enough. Each Bank has developed their own idea about what kind of story to be classified as bad. One can close his eyes just for a slight delay of 1-5 days, others are loyal to borrowers with more substantial delays for up to a month. But if hands have outstanding credit, you can get new would be virtually impossible. Therefore, it is not necessary, if you are refused the grant money in one Bank, and refused in another. It is believed that banks such as Tinkoff, Renaissance Credit, home Credit, OTP Bank, Russian Standard, Moscow credit Bank", Bank more loyal to troubled borrowers. However, they offer credit programs do not offer beneficial interest rates.

Also, the borrower with bad credit history can expect to receive the Express credit, or in extreme cases to apply to a microfinance organization.

Quick loans

Banks know credit history by directing a request to the CRA. If you previously took the credit Bureau shows all of the overdue obligations to fulfill its financial obligations. But on the request processing takes time, so in case of Express loans (when the decision to grant credit is given within a few minutes), the banks do not make inquiries to credit bureaus, and assess the borrower based on scoring.

For example, such programs are in the Renaissance Loan, where can count on the sum to 1 million rubles at an interest rate of 22.9% (the decision is made in 10 minutes). In Probusinessbank the program "Credit of trust" for a day to get the same maximum sum at the rate of 17%. The Bank "Russian Standard" with the rate of 36%, you can borrow the amount up to 300 thousand rubles Promsvyazbank provides credit "Proven" in the amount of 1 million rubles with the rate to 23.9%. In the Moscow credit Bank provided loans amounting to 3 million rubles with the rate to 26%.

Also quite easy to get a loan to buy equipment in the shop. They do not require proof of income, employment, and the decision on extradition is taken as quickly as possible. Faithfully performing its obligations under this loan you can improve your credit history.

Microfinance institutions

If you need a small amount for a limited period, you can apply to a microfinance organization. They do not look at credit history and spetsializiruyutsya in small amounts, up to 15000 p. But interest on such loan programs is really predatory and can reach 2% a day (760%).