Use the services of organizations that give microcredits. This loan is issued for a very short time, not more than a month, and the amount of not more than twenty-five thousand rubles. This amount may be enough to hold on to paycheck. Such organizations do not have access to confidential information about your credithistory, Noah banks, and to obtain a loanand you will only need to provide a passport, so the problems with getting money will not arise.
Another way to get a loan, if banks fail, is to use electronic money. Register in the payment system Yandex Money or WebMoney. Don't count on a large sum of money the first time. You will have to prove to the people offering the loanthat you are not a scammer and will pay the loan on time and with interest. Such a system creditunit dedicated exchange, exchange services, and private individuals. The terms of the loanunit is built on a system that is similar to a Bank, so the refund creditas provided by law.
You can take a loan online for a small amount. Fill out the form on the website, which is the similar offer, and expect a call from the operator, he will ask standard questions to ascertain your identity. In application form you will be required to fill in their passport details and place of residence, the amount of earnings and data on the composition of the family. So make sure this is really the site of the credittion of the company, and not a robot that collects information for mailing or online fraud.
Contact a brokerage company. These organizations work closely with the banks, and they are worth nothing to negotiate about your loan, e, the more you'll pay them off. These organizations charge for their services a certain percentage of the amount received the loan, but you bypass all the obstacles to get it.