Determine the causeby which your credit history was ruined. To access this information through the credit Bureau. It should be noted that physical persons have the right to free access to information about themselves and to make some adjustments.
Analyze these data and write a statement for correction, if you find inaccuracy. You can also write comments that explain the cause of the situation. To fix credit history this will not help, but perhaps you will understand.
Prove to the lender that your current financial situation is stable and you are able to fulfill the loan commitments. For this it is necessary for at least years in duration to pay not only the loans but also taxes, utilities and other financial requirements. Note this fact when applying for a loan.
Put money into short-term Deposit. The presence of this type of income may be offset by a credit institution to the advantages and positive influence on the decision about granting you credit.
Apply for several small loans with other banks if you plan to take out a large loan. Typically, such consumer loans for small amounts are without any income and are not dependent on credit history, so to draw them quite easily. If you repay these loans within a few months, your credit history will positive record that will allow you to get a more substantial amount.
Do not specify in the application for credit with false information. Remember that almost all the data about you easy to check, so lying or hiding information, you will only aggravate their situation and a worse credit history.