It is worth remembering that the opportunity to take the credit even if bad credit history and outstanding debts, have most of the Bank customers, but they are not aware of it. For each client institution calculates its solvency level. If people borrowed less than the maximum amount suggested by the Bank but has not repaid them, he can expect to receive one or more loans.
The level of solvency of each of the clients is changing periodically and is fixed by the Bank. If you have unpaid debts, but for the last time, your salary and other income increased, try to contact the Bank and apply for a new loan, leaving with him a certificate of income on form 2-NDFL. Perhaps the decision on your case will be positive.
Think about the reasons why you have bad credit history and outstanding loans. For example, certain circumstances of nonpayment of the loans the Bank takes into account in favour of the client. This includes serious illness credited, and the illness and death of a close relative etc. If you can confirm the reason for the delays help, it will help to take a new loan.
Try to pay off remaining loans, or at least part of them. It will improve your credit history and banking relationship. The required amount or part of it can borrow the relatives. You can also sell some expensive, but not the right things and household items.
One of the easiest ways to take out a loan if bad credit history and outstanding loans is to try to apply this to another Bank. There are organizations that give money to any client. Talk to the acquaintances who have faced a similar situation: where they have received a loan and on what terms. It is worth remembering that even if you can get a new loan to pay it will have great interest.
Almost every city has a small credit organizations, issuing small loans or even help to pay loans to banks. They do not take into account credit history and to obtain money enough to have a permanent job and residence in this city or region. Also to both large and small amounts online using electronic payment systems like Webmoney.