Loans for borrowers with experience 3 months

Proposals where can I get a loan with job tenure of three months quite a lot. They can be divided into two groups - those which provide loans upon confirmation of a three-month experience, as well as those that allow you to get a loan even without formal employment. Another option is the involvement of guarantors or collateral.

It is worth noting that the experience of 3 months specified banks as a starting mark when obtaining a loan. But the application with less experience almost always doomed to failure. Even the big banks give out loans with a three-month experience. For example, in the "Sberbank" and "Gazprombank".

Loans with an experience of three months is in the "Bank of Moscow". But to obtain them in excess of 150 thousand rubles is required to provide a passport and a certificate 2-pit. "UniCredit Bank" is possible with this experience count for the sum to 700 thousand rubles at the rate of 18.9%.

When large amounts of lending are often set a limit in terms of the need to work last at least six months. For example, such requirements is in the "Alfa-Bank" and "Rosselkhozbank". And we are talking about a continuous experience. If you've worked 10 years and two months ago changed the place of work, to get a loan would be extremely problematic.

Sometimes banks focus only on the General seniority. For example, "VTB 24" it needs to be at least a year.

Also, borrowers with minimal experience can get a credit card. But this type of lending is not always convenient, for example when you need cash.

Loans without verification of employment

To receive the Express credit is enough passport and the additional document on a choice. The peculiarity of this type of lending is that banks insure their risks and set higher rates on such loans, and limit the available amount of credit. Interest rates on Express loans start at 20-30%.

So, having the experience on last place of work of 3 months, you can get the loan in "East Express Bank" for the sum to 500 thousand rubles, the interest rate is determined individually for each borrower and ranges from 22% per annum. Bank "Renaissance Credit" you can get cash loan up to 500 thousand rubles, the minimum length must be 3 months. The copy of the employment and confirmation of income is required. In "the Ural Bank for reconstruction and development" in the "Open Credit" can I get a loan in the amount of 1 million rubles with the rate of 21% per annum. The Bank "home credit and Finance Bank" the credit "Big money 500 also does not require confirmation of seniority and allows you to calculate the amount to 500 thousand.

Some banks impose additional requirements in the form of having residence in the region of the loan or meet the established age range (usually age should be within 23 to 60 years).

To get a small loan without confirmation of employment, please contact the microfinance organization. This method is suitable for borrowers with bad credit history, because such organizations do not make requests in the KJV. But such borrowing is resorted to only in extreme situations, because the overpayment on such loans is quite impressive.

Mortgage loans

If the amount that is provided on the Express credits are insufficient, the borrower may obtain credit under the pledge of property. Such programs can receive up to 80% of the value of mortgaged property or car. These loans can be issued for any purpose. They allow you to get a car loan and even a mortgage to an unemployed borrower.

Mortgage loan program is in "fora-Bank", the Bank "Finam", "Bystrobank", "BFG-credit". It is worth considering that if non-payment on the loan the pledged property will be confiscated by the Bank in repayment of the loan.