Causes and symptoms of anemia

The cause of post-hemorrhagic anemia can be extensive blood loss. Hemolytic anemia occurs due to the enhanced disintegration of red blood cells. When dizèritropoètičeskie type of disturbed blood formation.

Symptoms of anemia are divided into specific and nonspecific. The patient gets tired quickly even with mild physical exertion, there is a General malaise, weakness, abnormal sleepiness. Attention and memory are reduced. You may hear some whistling in my ears. Appetite is disturbed. Skin color is pale with a bluish tint.

With iron deficiency anemia have a desire to eat chalk. Nails have a concave shape, the lips and tongue cracked. In the corners of the mouth appear inflammatory changes.

With anemia associated with vitamin B12 deficiency, the specific symptoms include tingling and numbness of the limbs, wobbly gait, decreased performance and mental activity.

Hemolytic anemia is accompanied by dark urine, enlarged spleen.

According to the degree of severity of anemia can be mild when the haemoglobin levels of 90 g/l, the average hemoglobin is not below 70 g/l and heavy – hemoglobin level below 70 g/L.

Diagnosis of anemia

The primary method of anemia diagnosis and laboratory examination of blood, wherein determine the level of hemoglobin, the total volume and number of red blood cells and ferritin levels, or a particular protein, which helps to accumulate iron in tissues. In addition, exploring the concentration of folic acid, vitamin B12. But not only in blood but also in urine can be the breakdown products of red blood cells, so such an analysis in the diagnosis of anemia must. In case of emergency in a patient taking a bone marrow sample, a prescribed number of additional studies to determine the cause of anemia.

Treatment of anemia

Iron-deficiency anemia patient is prescribed long-term use iron supplements, injections of vitamin B12. If anemia is caused by extensive bleeding, for successful treatment it is first necessary to remove the cause. Hemolytic anemia recommended corticosteroids. In severe cases, splenectomy. After a successful therapy administered for reassessment. Do not forget to cure anemia in a short period of time will fail. Sometimes the treatment of anemia takes several years.