How to dial Moscow number? If you are calling from a Moscow apartment, which telephone code 495, to another, where the phone code 499, you need to act as follows:
1. Gaining 8
2. Dial the area code 499
3. The subscriber number.
Now almost all districts of Moscow and Moscow region telephone network is upgraded. And now no need to wait for dial tone after the digit 8. If after a set of eights silence - just enter the numbers on.
If your code 499, the procedure of dialing is the same, only you will need to dial 8-495 and phone number. From any other city of Russia in Moscow calls happen in the same way. Important to clarify which code (495 or 499), the person on the other end. Otherwise you risk not to call, or to get where it is needed.
When calling from a landline telephone number with the code 495 on the other landline phone with the same code, dial code 495 is not necessary. Enter only the seven digits of the called party. But for subscribers with telephone code 499 to score his obligatory even for calls within the zone.
If you call from abroad you have to dial a few more digits. First you dial the code of Russia is 7. Then code of Moscow 495 or 499). Then seven digits of the telephone number. In some countries for international calls before the country code and city you need to dial a few more digits. Need order check with the receiving party.
Calls from mobile phones are no different from calls from the hospital. The order of the set of numbers is the same. There's just one feature. Set telephone code-495 or 499 is required in any case.