Start, perhaps, with the interpretation of the word. Opinion of the word opinionbe used. It's your opinion and view, observation of the behavior of the child's interests. Now you need to figure out what all the same sequence to write a review.Write, when the student came to your school, whether enrolled with the first class or came later. If the child had to join the team, already formed, for example, from the sixth class (the difficult period for the children), then how did the adaptation. The child quickly goes on contact - it speaks to his skills.Indicate whether he is inclined to conflict, is it easy to find friends.
In opinione must reflect what the child likes (music, painting, sports, foreign languages) and also don't forget to note which items have successfully passed the training (Humanities or exact Sciences).
Email many a child reads. Maybe he has any talents. For example, he writes poetry or great draws, is a member of the editorial Board, or singing in the school choir, taking part in productions, evenings. He may have the makings of a good leader. Write a review.
Record if the student is responsible, it always ran errands for teachers, whether had a permanent position in the class - for example, was the warden or commander of the team in different sports.
Always student friendly towards peers or younger friends? Do not forget to specify in opinionof E. Write if he loved to help kids from the lower grades, conduct games, competitions, relay.
If your school has a Museum of Military Glory, and the student is a member of the Museum or willingly provides assistance to veterans, this is an important point.
In conclusion opinionand worth recording, whether physically developed child, does he have any chronic illnesses or bad habits.