Perhaps someone tie in combination with jeans will seem totally unacceptable, even once. However, if you choose the darker jeans without fading, daily can gain a completely different color.

A mixture of styles, or style

Tie with a classic suit does not cause any questions from anybody. But when the young man refuses to have in her wardrobe business attire, and look, in some cases, as a businessman, comes to the rescue of eclecticism that is so popular in recent years.

The image of a young male, which top flaunts a neat shirt in slim Oxford stripe tie, and the bottom jeans with sports shoes, it is possible to meet quite often. If in this set "will participate" classic blazer and jeans will be dark blue or black, you may be able to pass the strict dress control.

I must say that this combination is not a new trend and not a tribute to the youth love to experiment. It is rather a revival of the style of pre-college preparatory, which originated in America back in the 40-ies of XX century. Preppy — in the English language "graduate of a private school preparing for entrance to higher education". We can say the entrant.

This style gradually moved to England, and eventually conquered the whole of Europe under the title college. Dressed like "Golden youth", having wealthy parents and the chance to get a good education. To understand how to mix a classic style with a sporty you need to have a concept of the worldview of young people of that time.

Few "Golden" rules

Fans of college are characterized by active citizenship, respect traditions, respect for elders and, at the same time boyish, allowing to oppose some of the foundations of society. So in an incredible way, in the style of college-look combined conservatism and freedom. However, the latter prefers not to cross the boundaries.

Jeans usually have a classic straight or slightly tapered-leg fit, classic shirt will never be released to the outside so that it was visible from under his jacket. Summer options of jeans can be bright solid colors: blue, dark green, Burgundy, but the style does not allow the holes on clothing and scuffs.

Tie – an indispensable attribute of college preferred high quality expensive matter: wool, satin, silk. However, to match it with a tonal shirt or jacket, everyone decides for himself. Lovers of extravagance can "play" with the patterns and color as you like. Allowed any prints: diamond, strip cell. The shape of the tie is also of special value has no.

It is not surprising that this style is accepted and loved as a business older people and athletes. Today, the college-look no age limit. Because it allows you to look neat and feel comfortable. Moreover, designers are advised to replace business shoes classic patent leather shoes with laces, if jeans and a tie combined with a white shirt and a blazer. Blazer or pullover made of cashmere with the neck in the form of pumps will give the image even more elegance.