Hairpin for a tie can be of any shape. For example, she orders the production of accessories made in the corporate style. It can be clips in the form of a circle with labels, oval, square, wave, etc, to meet the image of the company. The same "special" markers are common in such structures as government bodies, law enforcement agencies and representatives of parties in the country (in their case, as a rule, look clips as the state flag). Wear a tie clip only with a business suit.
How to wear <b>pin</b> <strong>tie</strong>
If you choose this accessory should not worry that it may not be suitable. After all, from whatever material (iron, precious metals, gold hairpin may be manufactured, its design is such that it perfectly fits to any men's suit. And the color of the clip, which is usually either gold or silver, also not struggling from any style of clothing. But this applies only to business men. It is obvious that the clip of the tie does not combine with the clothing, like ripped jeans and tank top. Tie to wear to such a combination is possible, but the clip is completely unnecessary.
With Bobby pins, as a rule, the tie is attached to the edge of the shirt. That is, the clamp locks the tie in one position and not allowed him to "roll" from side to side on the shirt. This is especially important for businessmen, who value their image and do not want to look messy.
How to wear <b>pin</b> <strong>tie</strong>
Another question - where to attach a clip for a tie. Earlier it was possible to determine the origin of man - an aristocrat or a common man. Now a place for the fasteners of the tie is well-defined. Usually attach a hairpin in the middle of the chest near the third button of a shirt with a small shift to fourth. But in that location are mostly attached cheap clip. Its main function is only to hold the tie. He therefore placed so as not to be visible from under the jacket. If the clip expensive or very memorable, it can be attached to 2-3 cm above. So barrette is sure to be a look out.
How to wear <b>pin</b> <strong>tie</strong>
Stylists note: the image was solid and neat, the choice of clips, pay attention to the cufflinks. These two accessories will perfectly complement each other. Most importantly, choose them so that the clip and cufflinks were similar and not distracting from the overall style.