The colors of the tie

Traditional option is a black bow tie. This accessory will look best with a tuxedo. This combination is optimal for a variety of formal events. Now increasingly found in buying black bow ties with different patterns — stripes, checkered, polka dots. This tie is best used in less formal setting, combining it with other items of clothing.

Colored butterflies can be worn to less formal events. You can wear bright colored accessories to work, unless, of course, allows casual dress code. However, for an important meeting, it is better to wear regular ties, so as not to cause confusion among partners.

If your work is not connected with officialdom or office, you can afford very bright bow ties. But do not forget about proper color combinations, color illiterate unions can bring you unwanted attention.

Try to combine these ties with the usual jeans and a white shirt. Butterfly included with this outfit will make you stand out, will give the whole image of lightness.

A combination with clothes of different styles

Bow ties rich, dark colors look good with dark suit and light-colored shirt. Suits, plaid or striped fabrics require solid bow ties, if you wish, you can use products with a very small figure. Since the suit made of cloth with a pattern by itself is quite bold, choose ties in cool muted shades. Solid wool bow ties look good with shirts in the box, and Vice versa.

When choosing this accessory is very important not to overdo it. A plain suit can be decorated with bright butterfly with a noticeable pattern or a large pattern, colorful costume, it is desirable to balance the strict monochrome tie.

If you don't like suits, you can wear a bow tie with cardigans or blazers sports. Always ensure that the texture of things blend together.

Always pay attention to the material from which made the butterfly. Please note that ties made from linen, cotton, cashmere, or fine wool require very careful handling, quickly lose their shape and fade. Butterfly PU fabrics will last longer.

Buying a bow tie as a bright, stylish accessory, you can opt for a ready tied versions. In this case, choose a model with regulators of length and clasps.