For a suit matching tie of good quality fabric, the right color. Depending on the season chosen and the density of the fabric. For example, in winter will suit the ties of warm and dense fabric, matching with the texture of winter costume. Silk tie is the summer. The colours are also affected, in what season and on what event designed tie. In the summer you can easily find the colors brighter. They will not irritate her lightly colors. In winter, appear strict, dark in color.

Now, how to choose the design depending on the event. On an ordinary working day, you can choose the pattern, if not of the planned business meetings. If the planned activities, but they are not restricted to subjects and a strict etiquette, a pattern called the "Diagonal strip". To release and simply events the ideal pattern, where one tone geometric figures called 'Case'.

Modest in color and pattern tie is more suitable for very important occasions. Selected tie must correctly and fully in harmony with the costume. Also the width of the tie should correspond to the width of the lapels of his jacket, as jackets it is different. For example, if the jacket has narrow lapels, accordingly to him is tie-herring.

To the shirt tie fastened with a loop and fixed with a clamp. Clip stands for special highlights of the image. Clamps are also subject to fashion. Some men can remove them completely from your life, but, nevertheless, it is a fashion accessory that can emphasize the status. The clips are made of expensive metals and, depending on the trends decorated with precious stones. The length of the wide end of the tie is adjusted depending on the shape.

The color of the tie is determined by the psychology of the men. The winner of the red tie – the person prone to aggression.

Wishing to create an image of luxury, wellbeing, choose dark-Burgundy color.

Doubting and uncertain - so is characterized by the brown color of the tie.

Tie, peaceful and able to deal with aggression, has a dark green color.

Want to convince others that the owner of the tie stable and confident in your actions purchase a blue tie.

Properly selected and tied tie, the decision of any serious man.