Today the stock tie is not considered a requirement of business style. However, this piece of clothing a man can choose to the release of gala events, dinner, talks, visits to the theatre and not only. To leave a good impression about the person, the representative of the stronger sex need to be able to pick up the tie to the shirt. Under every style of clothing you need to find a certain tie, but better – a few.

Purple shirt choose a tie

The classic rule in force concerning a man's wardrobe, says that the shirt should always be lighter than the tie. Therefore, a win-win combination will be a purple shirt and dark purple tie. Also, you can safely wear black accessory with such a gown.
Black tie is the perfect accompaniment with a purple shirt, if you animate the color stripes, chaotic patterns, splashes of lilac. All because of the contrasting black can get "lost" on the background of purple fabric.

For plain purple shirts a good choice would be a tie with a pattern. This may be the strict stripes or intricate patterns. Remember that polka dots are more appropriate for formal occasions. For casual style suitable accessories with geometric patterns, and striped tie is a versatile option. Many men like the accessories in the box. To lilac shirt, this tie will be the best choice, but often the cage is used for informal meetings. It is not necessary to wear along with a jacket suit, it is possible to dwell on the cardigan jacket of flannel.

A good color tie to a purple shirt

Lilac shirt will go perfectly with a tie Magenta-purple shade, you can try to experiment with gray. This Royal color has a lot of nuances, therefore, the store always find the right shade, blend harmoniously with the purple shirt. By the way, the gray color symbolizes success, prestige, expressing the individuality of the person.

Purple shirt in checkered or stripes will look good also in the ensemble with dark blue, dark-blue tie. It is advisable to choose such shirts plain accessories, it's not just a tie.
Bright ties are more suitable for informal occasions and more casual accessories will be quiet shades, unobtrusive patterns.

It is also believed that orange tie is suitable for shirts of any colors. This means that purple shirt you can wear with this accessory. Also, when buying a tie you need to pay attention to the color of your skin. Choosing a purple shirt, men with dark skin can take tie chocolate brown. And for owners of light skin is worth to buy ties blue, gray, violet shades.