Advice 1: Which tie will suit purple shirt

Many men have doubts, picking up the tie to the shirt of a particular color. This is not only the need to create a harmonious image, but also the desire to experiment with the shades. Stylists say that the shirt is purple, you can choose the tie is not only related shades, but contrasting solutions.
Which tie will suit purple shirt
Today the stock tie is not considered a requirement of business style. However, this piece of clothing a man can choose to the release of gala events, dinner, talks, visits to the theatre and not only. To leave a good impression about the person, the representative of the stronger sex need to be able to pick up the tie to the shirt. Under every style of clothing you need to find a certain tie, but better – a few.

Purple shirt choose a tie

The classic rule in force concerning a man's wardrobe, says that the shirt should always be lighter than the tie. Therefore, a win-win combination will be a purple shirt and dark purple tie. Also, you can safely wear black accessory with such a gown.
Black tie is the perfect accompaniment with a purple shirt, if you animate the color stripes, chaotic patterns, splashes of lilac. All because of the contrasting black can get "lost" on the background of purple fabric.

For plain purple shirts a good choice would be a tie with a pattern. This may be the strict stripes or intricate patterns. Remember that polka dots are more appropriate for formal occasions. For casual style suitable accessories with geometric patterns, and striped tie is a versatile option. Many men like the accessories in the box. To lilac shirt, this tie will be the best choice, but often the cage is used for informal meetings. It is not necessary to wear along with a jacket suit, it is possible to dwell on the cardigan jacket of flannel.

A good color tie to a purple shirt

Lilac shirt will go perfectly with a tie Magenta-purple shade, you can try to experiment with gray. This Royal color has a lot of nuances, therefore, the store always find the right shade, blend harmoniously with the purple shirt. By the way, the gray color symbolizes success, prestige, expressing the individuality of the person.

Purple shirt in checkered or stripes will look good also in the ensemble with dark blue, dark-blue tie. It is advisable to choose such shirts plain accessories, it's not just a tie.
Bright ties are more suitable for informal occasions and more casual accessories will be quiet shades, unobtrusive patterns.

It is also believed that orange tie is suitable for shirts of any colors. This means that purple shirt you can wear with this accessory. Also, when buying a tie you need to pay attention to the color of your skin. Choosing a purple shirt, men with dark skin can take tie chocolate brown. And for owners of light skin is worth to buy ties blue, gray, violet shades.

Advice 2: What symbolizes the color purple

The psychological effect of color is present in all areas of our lives, whether we like it or not. A love of a specific color can tell about your character, mood.
What symbolizes the color purple
One of the branches of psychological science – psychology of color has been studying the relationship of color perception and the human psyche. The man, who prefers a wardrobe of shades of purple, mesmerizing. In the interior purple color, you will need to consider a number of factors that contribute to comfort and comfort.

Interpretation of purple color

Purple color psychology associated with hypersensitivity, mood swings, observation, wit, vanity.

Purple combines the tranquility of blue and the energy of red. Therefore, the identity of the "purple" people are contradictory. Relationship with such a person fold up easily, but to know his inner world will fail, he is very secretive.

The purple color helps sensitive and creative people, and people who experience stress and nervous tension. The ancient Aztecs considered purple the color of wisdom. The abundance in the aura of shades of purple is interpreted as selflessness, the possession of high spiritual consciousness. In India the color purple symbolizes the transmigration of souls. In Western Europe it is the color of loyalty.

In the blue-purple robes appears Jesus Christ at the crucifixion. Mary Magdalene is also often depicted in blue and purple clothes. Purple is the main color of the front of the altar, symbolizes the post. Currently, the purple color associated with feminists and homosexuals (in France homosexuals are called "purple").

Many women choose a purple color in Luscher's test during pregnancy.

There was a time in America when the clothes of a purple color were worn only by older women, widows.

In the course of history the color purple has acquired a great variety of interpretations: knowledge, intelligence, sobriety, humility, nostalgia, mourning, passivity, sensuality, tenderness, care, frustration, intuition, mysticism, melancholy, etc.

Purple is the color of the magicians and astrologers. He is considered the most mysterious and inexplicable, which helps in meditation.

Negative purple color affects people with any kind of addiction.

This color is able to relieve headache, reduce heart rate, force the brain to work actively. Very useful when you have a concussion, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia, epilepsy.

Purple rejuvenates the human body, improves heart and lungs.

Purple color in clothes

If the clothes there is purple or its shades, it speaks of his desire to charm and be charmed.

Girls who choose purple color in the clothes, very feminine, romantic, have good taste and intuition. Clothes purple colors will be more harmonious look on the brunettes. Avoid too dark shades of purple. It is better to use purple shades. Purple in clothes better with yellow, orange, Golden, green (accessories, jewelry).

The purple color in the interior

It is believed that the purple color interior are a little heavy. Dark purple tone interior looks rich, lush, but gloomy, and the light tone creates a calm atmosphere. Long-term human stay in the purple room can cause depression.

But if you still like this color, use it as a small accent spots or contour lines (will look great purple "spots" in a clock, flower pot, paintings, etc.).

Advice 3: How to choose a shirt and tie under a suit

Women, in the wardrobe where many things falsely represented that the daily flour for the preparation of a suitable set of clothes is not peculiar to men, the choice of which is limited only costumeω, shirt and tie. Actually, the perfect to pick up these three elements casual business clothes is also difficult. But to alleviate the problem will help some basic rules.
How to choose a shirt and tie under a suit

General rules for the combination of shirt, tie and suit

Usually in the wardrobe of business men should be three or four good suit. Definitely dense and dark and light fabrics, and light weight summer option. Daily to diversify your appearance you will succeed at the expense of 7-10 shirts and the same number of ties. As you can see, has already recruited more than a dozen variations.

The basic rule of proper selection of shirt and tie under a suit – all these elements of the wardrobe should match in color and pattern. The number of colors used in your outfit, it is better to limit to three, but the tones can be more, especially the tie. Shirt is best to choose so that it was lighter than the darkest threads in the material of the suit. Avoid solid fabrics without a pattern, it's too boring and plain dark shirt and dark tie – the funeral too.

Suit grey suit shirt and tie blue, purple, red, Burgundy colors. To the dark blue suit, pick up the rest of the elements in the blue, violet, gray, pinkish, red tones. Dark green suit would look good in combination with brown, beige, mustard, dark yellow and khaki. For brown suit fabric suit beige, sand, yellow-grey and grey tones.

How to choose a tie to the shirt

Since suiting fabric, usually plain or has a clearly distinct pattern, the main attention is drawn to the combination of a shirt and tie. The tie should be darker tones of the shirt and match or be darker than the color of the costume. In the summer the option is allowed to tie in tone was lighter than the shirt and suit.

Pattern shirt and tie should match and if it is, for example, a cell or strip, their size must be different. If the shirt and suit are plain, their colors must be present in the colors of the tie. When you choose a tie with polka dots or stripes, the color of the shirt should exactly repeat the color of the polka dots and stripes.

You will always look stylish and modern even in traditional business suit, if properly will create contrasting combinations between the fabric suit, shirt and tie. Through such contrasts, you can change your look and appearance and will look bright, even wearing the same suit in dark colors. Use the opportunities offered such a thing a man can wear as a tie.

Advice 4: Which tie will suit blue shirt and grey suit

The tie is the final part of the image of men. But this is a special accessory and to not look ridiculous, you need to know some rules for matching tie so he could look good.
Which tie will suit blue shirt and grey suit

How to choose a tie to suitand shirt color?

Ties come in a variety of colors and patterns. Under the same suit with a shirt you can pick some suitable options. It depends on what case you put it on.

But there is a basic rule of choice of the tie: it must be darker than the shirt, which, in turn, should be a tone lighter than the suit. For example, the gray suit is so neutral that it will fit any tie color, so in most cases the decisive factor in choosing the color of the tie is the shirt. But regardless of the color of shirts don't get involved in too bright colors of the ties, leave them for parties. If the tie pattern, its main color should match the shirt color, but other colors must be of the same range with him. Under the blue shirt, you can wear a tie with a pattern based on blue, dark blue. If the tie is striped, the stripes should not differ in color from the shirts, i.e., under the blue shirt you should wear a tie with stripes of the same hue.

The pattern on the tie is also important. If you are going for a business meeting, don't wear a tie with pictures, polka dot, plaid. For this case the approach ties in stripes, zigzags, diamonds.

Under the shirt pattern should wear a solid tie.

The choice of the tie should not be restricted only so that it blends seamlessly with the color of shirt. There are a number of nuances that can transform a man.

How to choose a tie under the appearance of a man?

Properly selected shape of the tie and pattern is able to emphasize the dignity of man and to hide the flaws.

If tie need a man lean physique, it needs to be broad, with a large figure. If it strips, then they must not be vertical. Such stripes visually elongate the silhouette of a man, so this figure will look great on a full man short.

On low young people look good plain or with a subtle pattern ties.

Men with a round face should wear a tie with a pattern, which is dominated by soft, rounded details. If men straight lines are concerned, he will approach the tie in a cage or stripes.

How to wear a tie?

It happens that the tie matched with all of the guidelines and costs a lot of money, but man it still looks ridiculous. And all because he wears it wrong. Therefore, it is important to know that a well-tied tie should have a tight knot, and its length should be such that the wide end was covered by the buckle on the belt. But if a man wears a tie under a vest, he should not from under it to look.

If you wear a tie clip, ensure it is not misaligned.

On ties, like any piece of clothing that extends fashion, which is changing. Therefore, the choice of this accessory is the most important thing he liked was to face.

Advice 5: How to tie a long tie

Tie is an important accessory of men's wardrobe. The image of an elegant, handsome man is unthinkable without this part. Tie can tell about its owner much. His choice speaks not only of the wealth of the owner, but his taste, sense of humor, and even self-esteem. So the selection of tie should be treated with special care. It is important not just to choose the right tie, but it nicely to tie. There are several ways of tying knots on the tie.
How to tie a long tie
You will need
  • - tie
  • - shirt.
The simplest knot is the "Four-in-hand", which translated from English "four in hand". For this node fits any tie. The material and length do not play a role. Pick up the collar and put a tie under it, so that on the right was a narrow end, and the left – wide.
Put them in a cross pattern to the wide end of the tie over the narrow was.
Insert the wide end over the narrow again and get right on top of the narrow, criss-cross.
Then thread the wide end into the loop under the throat and pull up.
Then thread the end of the tie in the second loop, slightly below the result obtained above, and pull down, holding the node. Pull your knot to the collar and you're done.
The next node is "Windsor". A node is considered a classic, but it is difficult to immediately remember the sequence of actions is not at all impossible. Here you need to "fill the hand". Pinch the ends of the tie criss cross, similar to the first node to the top was the wide end.
Miss the wide end under the narrow. Put it in a loop under the collar.
Now, again, miss the wide end of the tie under the narrow, pull left and pull right on top of the narrow site.
Again pull the wide end into the loop under the collar and pass it to a node. The resulting Assembly tighten and straighten under the collar.
Depending on the width of the tie and from the provisions of the narrow and wide ends, which can be changed in the process of tying a tie, it will change the size of the node.
Men with large facial features and thick neck recommended wide nodes ("Windsor"). Thin men better to give preference to slim and trim the knots (simple, "provenzal").
Useful advice
Pick the node size to the width of the collar of his shirt.
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