Do not panic!

Understand one simple thing – a healthy average male reaches orgasm within 3-5 minutes after beginning intercourse. So if friends or girls tell you stories about the sex that lasted for hours, it is worth considering the plausibility of these stories. In other words, don't bother because you are not strong enough in bed or something radically different from the others.

Of course, premature ejaculation can be caused by some diseases, but if you keep within 5 minutes, to worry especially not worth it. Your health is in the normal range. Another issue is that the woman to achieve orgasm five minutes is not enough. Hence, there are disagreements between partners, resentment, scandals and serious problems in the relationship. Do not panic!

How to reduce arousal

If the man is difficult to restrain the ejaculation, the reason probably lies in excessive excitation. After a long abstinence from sex or, in the case when the partner is too strong desire, a man usually cums pretty quickly. Therefore, to prolong the pleasure for you and partner, you should resort to means of reducing arousal. The first and most obvious is the condom. In itself, it reduces the stimulation, but if you have to buy special condoms with an anesthetic, the sexual act can be prolonged for 5-7 minutes. This time will be enough to bring to the highest point of pleasure a woman. And from then on it will be easier.

Another common way to reduce arousal – slow pace. The faster you move in the process, the sooner there comes an orgasm, and slow power moves it slightly to delay. If a man feels that will come right now, you can resort to the classical method of stopping – just in time to stop contact and give yourself a break for 20-30 seconds. This time can be spent to stimulate the partner or passionate kisses. This technique allows to prolong sexual intercourse.

In the first place partner

Actually, for what man wants to make sexual intercourse more long-lasting? To deliver more pleasure to the woman. Try to approach the problem from the other side and before the start of sex to bring your beloved to a semiconscious state. Increase the time of foreplay, experiment as to sex, and after it. Remember that you can pleasure a woman can not only by a series of reciprocating movements!