Condoms and anesthetics

One of the easiest ways to prolong the time of sex is using a condom. In addition, the condom is one of the best methods of contraception, which helps prevent infection with sexual infections. A condom can help, even if you have been together, and partner is taking contraceptive. It reduces sensitivity of the glans penis that helps to extend the time of sex.

There is also a special cream, which anaesthetizes the delicate skin of the genital organs and decreases their sensitivity. This cream contains lidocaine or prilocaine. The pleasure of sex is not going anywhere, but will come later. The problem with this means only one: if you have sex without a condom, the cream will be delayed and the orgasm of the female partner too.

The cream had no effect on the girl, you need to apply in advance. Apply onto the penis 30 minutes before sex, wash it with soap and water. You can also wipe the remnants with a soft cloth or towel. If you remove the cream carefully enough, it will not affect the partner, but will retain their effect for you, as it is absorbed into the skin. If you use anesthetic cream directly before intercourse and does not want to reduce the sensitivity of a girl, wear a condom.

Psychological measures

The main reason that a man can't have sex for a long time, usually is some external problem. Perhaps he's too tense, and is he concerned different issues. To negate such factors, it is useful to have sex in the place where nobody will disturb you, where he created a pleasant and relaxing romantic atmosphere.

Foreplay will relax your partner, and enough to be excited partner, so the time that you need them to achieve orgasm will be almost the same and the efforts will have to make is minimal.

During sex

If you feel that you can't do anything and time was running short, try to escape. You can remember math formulas or numerical sequence.

It will also be helpful to change your position, as any posture in which you feel so excited that I can not help it. The fact that the change of postures can help to delay ejaculation.

Exercise and maintain good form. Sexual act is also a physical activity, and if your body has the stamina of other types of loads, and the extension of time of sexual intercourse you will be easier to handle.