Nonalcoholic beer is actually alcoholic drink, since it still contains ethyl alcohol, about 0.5% of the volume. Although it does not cause significant harm, however, cannot be considered absolutely safe.

Immediately after drinking should not be driving – the breathalyzer will show a non-zero value. An additional reason to find fault with the driver could be the specific smell of beer. In the end, you may have to spend a lot of time to prove sobriety, after passing a medical examination.

Because of the alcohol content of beer is undesirable during the medication is not compatible with alcohol. Pregnant women are strongly recommended consumption of this beverage, especially in the first trimester. During lactation the potential harm opposite will be minimal.

It is not necessary to drink this beer children not to foster in them a positive image of drinking alcoholic beverages.

The consumption of beer and drinks on its basis in public places, including on the street is an administrative offense. The code of administrative violations not reglamentary the alcohol content in beer.