To answer the question of whether pregnant beer, you need to understand what it is. After all, if it's called non-alcoholic, the alcohol it contains. Whether so it actually?

Non-alcoholic beer can be obtained in different ways. For example, in the production process using such a yeast, which do not emit ethyl alcohol. Another method is the evaporation of the alcohol thermal process of the finished product.

After such manipulations, the manufacturer of the alcohol in beer or not, or is, but in very small quantities. But if the beer to remove the alcohol, the drink will lose its flavor. To solve this issue, in the manufacturing process adds a lot of concentrates and flavors.

Due to the fact that in the end, such a product contains many harmful substances, less harmful to drink a glass of alcoholic beer, but obtained in a natural way. And here a pregnant woman will think, maybe it's still worth to wait.

Is it worth to wait or should quench your thirst, will depend on how big a desire. It happens so, it is better to drink one glass for the whole period of pregnancy and to calm down than to refuse to the last, constantly thinking about the coveted beverage.

Beer you can't drink if pregnant there are problems with the kidneys. During the period of gestation, the kidneys working with increased load, and a glass of beer will give a very heavy load that can break them.

Beer contributes to the appearance of edema, who are pregnant. Beer can add to the woman excess weight. In the end, mutagenic properties of this drink can harm the fetus.

So is it possible beer pregnant? If very little and rarely. And, of course, impossible, if lot and often.