The Solarium is a specially equipped Playground for the dose of irradiation with ultraviolet light using special lamps. How many copies have been broken in the debate about the harm or benefit of a Solarium, and a clear opinion. On the one hand, the defenders of the Solarium argue that special lamp not allow harmful spectrum of ultraviolet radiation. So beware of using sunscreen cosmetics is no reason. On the other hand, worn-out lamps pass the entire spectrum of UV radiation, and to know the degree of novelty of the equipment is unlikely. Moreover, it's hard to talk about absolute safety of the Solarium, if ten minutes of being there the equivalent of a couple hours under the sun.

In short, if you really want to ban Solarium healthy person nobody can. But about hurting you need to remember to use cosmetics with a reasonable degree of protection from UV rays.
And how is it to be women after cesarean section, when you really want to deal with them and like beauty treatments? A definite answer about when you can start to storm the Solarium, will give the attending physician. But there are some General rules.

to begin tanning is possible only after complete healing of postoperative scar.

This is due to the fact that the UV radiation slows down the process of tissue healing and organization of wealthy scar.

— if the healing has gone well: there is no discharge from the scar, brown came off and the stitches, remember that the scar is connective tissue, it contains almost no melanocytes and, accordingly, not tans.

Therefore it is not necessary to tan to a state of chocolate — white scar against the dark skin would look not too good.

— absolutely not sunbathe if you are breast-feeding.
The reasons for ban of tanning while breastfeeding several.

First, it is not known how the UV rays affect breast milk. Some mothers claim that after tanning lactation had improved.

Second, the secretion of breast milk is due to certain changes in the hormonal background. And sunbathing when hormonal changes are not recommended, because hormonal sunburn may lie very uneven, with the formation of large dark spots. Therefore, do not sunbathe when taking hormonal drugs and related endocrine diseases.

And thirdly, breastfeeding women are strictly not to overheat. Therefore, sun bath, and a Solarium it is not recommended, because often to assess their condition can be difficult.
The decision whether tanning is always made by a doctor. But if the woman refused to breastfeeding, she needs to focus on the degree of healing of the joint. Usually surgeons say about the complete organization of the scar six months after surgery.

And of course, do not forget about sunscreens. And not only in the Solarium, but also in everyday life.