The advantages of a Solarium

Ultraviolet rays produce vitamin D. It helps strengthen the immune system. Vitamin D has a positive effect on the nervous system, blood clotting, heart function. Lack of vitamin D in girls triggers the processes of early aging. On the face wrinkles appear, the complexion becomes dull, menopause occurs much earlier. To compensate for the lack of vitamin D will help the Solarium for 5-7 minutes twice a week.

The shortage of sunlight in the winter and autumn can cause depression in girls. To prevent this, often need to be in the sun. UV rays produce endorphins – the pleasure hormone. Especially true in the Solarium in the regions of the North.

Disadvantages of tanning

Today we know that Solarium is causing the addiction. This phenomenon has its own name tanorexia. It is evident that without hitting a session in the Solarium, people get angry and nervous.

Scientists have proven that exposure to UV rays in the tanning bed is significantly different from the action of natural sunlight. The rays in the tanning bed penetrate the skin much deeper. The ultraviolet light affects the collagen and elastin – skin proteins responsible for its youth.

Why not sunbathe in the Solarium without lingerie?

Of course, any girl want to see the whole skin was covered with beautiful Golden tan. The girls try to avoid white areas on the skin, as it looks not very attractive. As a result, many try to tan in tanning Topless. But to do it categorically it is impossible, especially girls.

Prohibited persons of the female sex to sunbathe without underwear, as in the breast is many endings and blood vessels. Exposure to artificial UV rays on these endings can affect the deterioration of the health of girls. Especially if ladies are present diseases of the mammary glands, it is not necessary to sunbathe in the Solarium without lingerie.

The man is also not recommended to sunbathe in the beach and tanning without underwear. In this case, they have increased risk of getting cancer of the reproductive organs.

Medical statistics show that fans of Solarium much thickets receive malignant tumors than people sunbathing on the beach. Because of this, it can be concluded that use of the Solarium need to use underwear or at least a towel.