Those who sow the lawn, just occasionally dream of his to mow a lawn mower, but it is actually not so simple. For the first time on the lawn can grow weeds and tall grass. Can not be afraid of this phenomenon and in any case it is not necessary to abandon the lawn, it is best to deal with the weed species and ways to prevent their growth.

• Dandelions.This type of plant forms a rosette with large leaves and yellow flowers that often spoil the appearance of the lawn. To get rid of dandelions, selectively treating the lawn with herbicides. The most effective period early spring or early summer during active plant growth.

• Chernogolovka. Chernogolovka is a weed that quickly grows on lawns, which, bad the next. Fighting Chernogolovka weeding, in advanced cases, use chemicals. .

• Plantain. Often this weed is found in lawns with a dense soil. The soil becomes dense, if it often go. Struggle with plantain is simple — the necessary selective herbicides and weeding. The garden fork will be a good helper when you remove the weed manually.

• Moss. If the lawn appears moss - this means that the soil is very moist. The best way to deal with moss is drying of the soil. If the surface of the earth there are holes where stagnant moisture, it is necessary to level the ground and to hold the landing (to make the ground on the surface). Another option for getting rid of moisture is the aeration. Pierce the soil with a pitchfork or special aerator hollow. To stick teeth should be on depth not less than 10 inches, sometimes deeper.

• Clover. Clover is the most harmful weed. Are fighting with him in two ways:

1. Add the total herbicide action in the soil early in the spring and summer to keep order by using selective herbicides. 2. Frequent watering and mowing the lawn. To prevent the growth of clover can be carried out fertilizing the lawn with nitrogen fertilizer, as clover doesn't like them.

So, to summarize - the stronger weeds grow where wrong mow the lawn, water it enough, or, conversely, irrigation is abundant, and the soil has no fertilizers.