You will need
  • - shovel or fork;
  • - mustard seed;
  • - herbicides;
  • - salt.
The root system of birch trees goes deep into the earth (up to three meters), so you should not hope that cutting off the tip of the plants, the weed will die. During growth on the roots formed buds that produce new offspring. A climbing plant begins to grow in the spring, he is not afraid of drought. It was in the heat starting to develop shoots. Autumn birch dies, and not always fully living deep beneath the ground roots and crown are waiting for their time – spring.
First, you need to carefully dig over the soil (this should be done every year in the fall) and break all the clods of earth. In the active growth period of the vine pull out a plant (not cut), try to capture as much of the roots. If the soil is too dry or dense, then it is better to do it with shovels or forks mine, so you will be able to weaken and destroy the weed.
If your plot is just full of these curly weeds that prevent the normal growth of vegetable and fruit crops, then you come to the aid of mustard seeds. Sow mustard shifts the locus of birches, in a short time they will save you from the vine. When small pockets or weak root system of birches will help spraying with salt solution. For its preparation dissolve a kilogram of salt in ten litres of water, stir thoroughly and spray the weeds.
Birch is quite resistant to many types of chemicals – herbicides, it is simple and easy grows again, leading to more reproduction. In times of danger the plant begins to accumulate in the roots of nutrients, then it gives rise to. Well proven the following drugs: "Imazamox", "Dicamba", "roundup". Breed them according to the instruction. Do not stop to fight even if you noticed that weed the following year became less. Only one root birch can cause the spread of the weed again.