The grass growing between the beds, not only gets to care for garden crops, but very spoils the appearance of the garden. However, if in most places on a plot of grass you can just mow between the beds make it very problematic. Therefore, to ensure that the garden looked attractive and there was nothing you water the plants, weed, etc., be sure to perform the simple procedure, after which the grass in the aisle will not grow.

Take a shovel and dig the ground between the beds. When digging, try to remove all roots that are seen. Next, lay on the ground of the newspaper in several layers or cardboard box in a single layer. Top pour all the sawdust with a layer of five centimeters. In conclusion, on top of the sawdust, pour a layer of sand or small stones (required to ensure that the sawdust is not carried by the wind). After the work done you can be sure that the passage between the beds is not overgrown with weeds.

If the economy is film, it could lay the aisle, and on top of it covered with sand. This procedure is suitable only dense film, ideally black. Instead of sand you can use a normal Board.

Currently, many stores sell special preparations (defoliants), to purchase any and treat them every two to three weeks, the aisles between the beds. Just choose for treatments calm weather.

The easiest and cheapest way to rid yourself of weeding the area between the garden beds - apply in furrow pieces of old linoleum, roofing felt or carpet tracks.