Cracks in the corners of the lips indicate that the body's defenses fell sharply. Microorganisms that reside in the mouth of any person, for a person with lowered immunity can cause the so-called Zayed.

First, the resulting crack is small but then it grows into a slit-like sores. The cause of the cracks can be staphylococci or fungi, and to ensure that the treatment was correct, you need to know exactly what microorganisms caused the disease. It is possible to try to determine in appearance of the sore. Purulent bloody thick crust indicates the presence of staphylococci or streptococci. But if the wound is covered with gray-whitish moist coating can be easily removed, or is bare and has the appearance of a lacquer-red, the cause of the disease is the fungus.

If Zayed is caused by Streptococcus, it is necessary to treat with ointments containing antibiotics - levomekol or metiluratilovaya. Levorinovuyu or nystatin ointment used for the treatment of a fungal infection. It is not only anti-inflammatory creams, but also healing, analgesic and emollient. The ointment is applied three times a day half an hour before meals bro. After eating crack on the lips cauterize zelenkoj or fucorcinum. Treatment should continue for at least a week.

Folk remedies for the treatment of Zayed

30 minutes before a meal to rinse your mouth with infusion of calamus. Infuse a teaspoon of the root in a Cup of boiling water for 20 minutes. Or you can rinse oak bark, a teaspoon of which insist in a glass of cold water for 8 hours. Also the wound can be cauterised with tea tree oil, only the oil is applied in small doses. St. John's wort oil and aloe effectively cure'll come.

If home treatment does not help within a week, then it is necessary to contact the doctor to determine the primary disease. Common causes are sickness of the stomach, such as gastritis.