Advice 1: How to get rid of zaedy in the corners of the lips

Zaedy in the corners of the lips spoil the appearance, but to disguise them is very difficult and not always successful. But camouflage is not the solution in this situation, you need to understand why they were formed, eliminating it, will be able to get rid of the problem.
How to get rid of zaedy in the corners of the lips


Reasons appear zaedy on the lips, there may be several. This unpleasant phenomenon, the cause of the infection, antibiotics and drugs, the habit to bite and lick my lips, lack of vitamins, disease of the nose, excessive consumption of sugar and alcohol.

Getting rid of bad habits

If the cause of zaedy in the corners of the lips is a bad habit, we should get rid of them, then the problem will cease to exist. So, you must limit the intake of alcohol and sugar. It is also recommended to abandon the sweet dishes. Because they also have sugar. It is better to give preference to vegetables, fruits, cereals. Because of this diet will be able to get rid of zaedy. It is also recommended to drink a course of vitamins, because this problem often occurs when the human body lacks nutrients. If you have the habit of frequently lick your lips, you should unlearn it, and otherwise from the zaedy not to get rid of.

Folk remedies

To zaedy on the lips gone faster, you can use folk remedies to treat them. Good effect is given plants and herbs with anti-inflammatory action. So, it is recommended to make lotions from the infusion of calendula, celandine, chamomile, sage. You can also use green tea, you only need to make a bag and apply to the trouble areas. Good job with the cracks on the lips of alder cones, oak bark. They should be brewed with boiling water, to insist 15 minutes and lotions do. Helps juice of plantain and garlic, it is recommended to apply them at night, then the effect will be much better.


Oil will help to cope with cracks in the corners of the lips. They will moisturize your skin and then the problem will disappear. In this case, it is necessary to lubricate the problem areas with rosehip oil, tea tree, avocado. Suitable sea buckthorn, linseed, olive oil. You will need to moisten the swab in one of them and apply to the wound for a few seconds. This procedure is recommended to do twice a day.


If there is no time to mess around with infusions, you can use medical drugs. They are also well help to get rid of zaedy. You can smear the problem areas by such means as "Vishnevsky Ointment", "Levomikol", "Iruksol". However, it is better to consult a doctor, to prescribe treatment, since cracks in the corners of the mouth can indicate a serious condition, and yet people will not cure, the problem it not get rid of.

Advice 2 : What cream helps from Zayed

Any person by lowering the immune system may appear around the lips, painful cracks. Their emergence signals a deficiency of vitamin b 6. Pyridoxine is responsible for the elasticity of mucosal tissues, and its deficiency begin to burst lips and appear a long time non-healing painful cracks.
Cover is useless - it is necessary to treat effective means

Causes of zaedy

To get rid of cracks on the lips and Zayed arising at their edges, traditionally for for external use. In order to choose the right ointment Zayed, you need to understand the true cause of their occurrence. One of the main causes of painful sores is a deficiency of vitamins involved in the regeneration process of the epidermis. These include vitamins E, C, A, 6. The lack of zinc and iron in the body can also cause excessive dryness of the skin. In this case, the ointment is a little help to enhance their action, you need to take vitamin-mineral complex preparations.

Mucous membranes and skin of a person can suffer due to disruption of the endocrine system, reduction of local immunity. These reasons often provoke the appearance of cracks at the end of winter. In hot weather, excessive sun exposure and poor diet may dry skin and cause painful Zayed. In this case you need to solve the problem with the food, which must be complete.

Excessive fruit, having in its composition a lot of acids, often become the cause of liberty. It could be pineapple, lemon or lime, a large quantity of grapes. Drinks with gas and synthetic dyes, spirits, dried fish and cured meats often cause the appearance of cracks in the corners of the lips that long to heal. To get rid of Zayed, you need to abandon the use of those products that bring such consequences.

The use of decorative lipsticks, lip gloss leads to irritation of the lips because of the presence of petroleum products. Malocclusion and bacterial infection that enters the mucous membranes become the factor, which appear microscopic wounds. The use of antiviral drugs, the rejection of low-quality cosmetics, malocclusion will help get rid of the problem.

How to treat zaedy?

Such skin problems can be treated using vitamin supplements that contain vitamins. Their composition must be the vitamin B6. For prevention you can use hygienic lipstick that contains vitamins E, C, A, 6. In the warm season it needs to be moisturizing and cold, rich and nutritious.

For the treatment of Zayed pharmacy medicines it is best to use a zinc ointment. It will fill the deficiency of zinc, disinfect and enhance regenerative properties of the skin, promoting rapid healing. For the treatment of Zayed on the lips often use D-Panthenol, which has a high healing property and helps to restore the elasticity of the skin near the lips. Ointment Levomekol and Tetracycline ointment works well if the crack occurred during the infection, but antiviral ointments will help drag the crack on the skin viral infection. Ointment Bora Bora is well proven in the fight against zaedy in the corners of the lips. Any of these drugs will not bring the desired result if the treatment is carried out only locally. To the treatment of the cracks to succeed, you need to simultaneously with the local treatment is to apply a multivitamin, a group of b vitamins and eat right.

The best source of nutrients that will help to deal with skin problems, became brewer's yeast. They are rich in vitamins and amino acids, and is very useful to restore the skin. Eating seafood, eggs, greens, meat, make up for lack of zinc and vitamin B. Pumpkin seeds and sprouted wheat is very useful for quick healing of damaged skin cells, because enrich the body of vital nutrients and improve the functioning of the endocrine system in General. Only a comprehensive approach will help to cure zaedy forever.

Advice 3 : How to quickly cure zaedy in the corners of the mouth

Zaedy is a disease of the skin and mucosa of the corners of the mouth, which is caused by yeast-like fungi belonging to the genus Candida, or streptococci. The disease most often occurs in people with deficiency of vitamin B2, as well as in patients with diabetes.
How to quickly cure zaedy in the corners of the mouth
The disease is best diagnosed as early as possible, then the treatment will take only 1-2 days. Typical symptoms of zaedy include: irritation that occurs while eating spicy food, pain in the corners of the mouth, and the inability to open your mouth wide. In the early stages of this disease can be diagnosed by the appearance of pustules or cracks, but it is better to consult a professional doctor.
One of the most effective ways how to cure zaedy in the corners of the mouth, is to use garlic. Crush a clove of this vegetable, place in a bowl, and then add olive oil. Mix well and allow to steep for 20-30 minutes. Apply the mixture to the site of inflammation and hold for 5 minutes. After that rinse well with water and soap. You can also apply pure juice of garlic, but it's very painful.
Zaedy can be quickly cured if you use a vitamin solution. Take capsules with vitamin E and A, open them and add to the bowl. Then add in the mixture of castor oil and broth hips. Then put in a bowl a cotton pad and apply to the affected area on the lips. Repeat this process several times a day. After zaedy will continue to do this procedure 3-4 more days.
In a bowl mix butter and honey in equal proportions. Honey has a strong antibacterial effect that eliminates the maximum number of microbes. However, this greatly affects the skin, so you need an oil that will soften the skin and protect lips from further cracking. Minimum application time is 20 minutes. Therefore, it is best this procedure is done in the morning and before bedtime. Then the sweetness can be smeknut cloth.
To understand how to quickly cure zaedy in the corners of the mouth, will help beer cream. Surprisingly, beer is the drink, which contains large amounts of vitamin B2, the lack of which causes the disease. Melt in a bowl, 40 grams of butter, dry calendula grind as much as possible, and then add 40 ml of beer. Stir the mixture and then put in the refrigerator. Get a kind of ointment that should be applied before bed in a thick layer.
If you really want to get rid of zaedy, you'll need cucumber juice and a free day. Apply it on the affected areas (or just put the slice of cucumber) and leave it on for 40 minutes. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times a day and zaedy is almost nothing left. However, you must continue to perform the procedure a couple of days.
If you have a chronic illness, home treatment will not be enough.
Useful advice
Do not use detergents that can cause skin dryness.
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