The disease is best diagnosed as early as possible, then the treatment will take only 1-2 days. Typical symptoms of zaedy include: irritation that occurs while eating spicy food, pain in the corners of the mouth, and the inability to open your mouth wide. In the early stages of this disease can be diagnosed by the appearance of pustules or cracks, but it is better to consult a professional doctor.
One of the most effective ways how to cure zaedy in the corners of the mouth, is to use garlic. Crush a clove of this vegetable, place in a bowl, and then add olive oil. Mix well and allow to steep for 20-30 minutes. Apply the mixture to the site of inflammation and hold for 5 minutes. After that rinse well with water and soap. You can also apply pure juice of garlic, but it's very painful.
Zaedy can be quickly cured if you use a vitamin solution. Take capsules with vitamin E and A, open them and add to the bowl. Then add in the mixture of castor oil and broth hips. Then put in a bowl a cotton pad and apply to the affected area on the lips. Repeat this process several times a day. After zaedy will continue to do this procedure 3-4 more days.
In a bowl mix butter and honey in equal proportions. Honey has a strong antibacterial effect that eliminates the maximum number of microbes. However, this greatly affects the skin, so you need an oil that will soften the skin and protect lips from further cracking. Minimum application time is 20 minutes. Therefore, it is best this procedure is done in the morning and before bedtime. Then the sweetness can be smeknut cloth.
To understand how to quickly cure zaedy in the corners of the mouth, will help beer cream. Surprisingly, beer is the drink, which contains large amounts of vitamin B2, the lack of which causes the disease. Melt in a bowl, 40 grams of butter, dry calendula grind as much as possible, and then add 40 ml of beer. Stir the mixture and then put in the refrigerator. Get a kind of ointment that should be applied before bed in a thick layer.
If you really want to get rid of zaedy, you'll need cucumber juice and a free day. Apply it on the affected areas (or just put the slice of cucumber) and leave it on for 40 minutes. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times a day and zaedy is almost nothing left. However, you must continue to perform the procedure a couple of days.