To learn how to Express thoughts logically and consistently will help you with writing. Keep a diary and to Express their impressions around. Describe in detail the daily events. Such a diary can be maintained in electronic form.
To become an interesting conversationalist, expand your horizons. Travel, read books, visit theatres, exhibitions, museums. Meet with different people about their life, Hobbies.
Learn by heart poems. Read them out loud, expressive. This will develop in you a sense of beauty, broaden horizons and help to improve memory. It is also useful to teach tongue twisters, Proverbs. Your friends can be interesting anecdotes and quotations of famous people.
Rehearse your speech. Stand in front of the mirror, play the tape and guide a monologue. Can you tell the same anecdotes or interesting stories from your life. Watch for gestures and facial expressions. Try to talk about what is interesting to the people listening to you. Prepping fishing enthusiasts, we can hardly cram lectures on strength of materials.
Pay attention to his appearance. If your appearance is something defiantly "stick out" – for example, holey jeans, torn buttons – it is unlikely that you will listen carefully. Most likely, you will make jokes, giggle. So you have to look neat.
Success in communication is achieved by people who know how to listen well. Don't interrupt the opponent, ask clarifying and probing questions, learn to empathize. Show the interviewee their interest periodically nods and assents. But it should look natural, not dramatic.
Learn to allocate the main thing, as in written texts and spontaneous speech of people. Brief spokesman said: "so, as I understand it, your main problem is that...". This technique will make you an indispensable listener, the narrator will show that you listened carefully to his speech.