Exercise "Remembering faces"

The exercise can be performed in transport, store, in any public place. You need to choose in the crowd of any man, unnoticed by him closely to see his face, and then turn around and try to restore it in memory.
The exercise "how is he laughing?"

Looking at the face of any man, you should try to imagine how he's laughing, crying... What is he confused? As he is cunning, trying to get out? How is he rude? Swears? Offended? As he explains in love? What he looked like five years ago? What will be in old age?
The Exercise Of "Reincarnation"

You need to feel yourself in the place of another person, to imagine that you're him: "recover" its appearance, though slightly to penetrate into his inner world, to try to reproduce it gait, facial expressions, gestures, to live his feelings and thoughts.
The Activity "Approval"

Talking to people as often as possible to Express their approval. Praise like "You are a true professional!" or "How well do you do it!", said with a sincere smile, able to position you to almost any person.
Exercise "Smile"

Being in a public place, you need to constantly monitor your face and to accustom himself to the fact that the usual expression on your face became a friendly smile. If the real smile is not quite appropriate, "the inner" smile in the soul must be always!