Try to be open to other people. Chat, meet on the street to respond to a greeting from a complete stranger – all this will help to make the first step to getting rid of shyness and shyness will help to transcend these qualities and become more confident.
Always be friendly and positive. To smile the world around them. Smiling improves mood, and creates an incredibly attractive energy of happiness. Smile has to communicate and expresses its disposition to further the conversation.
Try not to be in the conversation to ask questions to the interlocutor that he will be pleased to answer. To voice their thoughts concisely and clearly, this will allow you to feel comfort and ease in any conversation.
It is not necessary to sit in four walls. Walk, breathe fresh air, go to cafes, cinemas. In short, how can I more often in society. Remember that conversation you can always start anytime, anywhere, the main thing that was interesting and easy.
Work on yourself takes not the last place to learn to be more sociable person. Read samoobrazovyvalas, do what you love, Hobbies – all this will help to achieve a high level of self-development and to increase vocabulary. People will be interested in listening to you, there are always topics for conversation.
Set yourself at ease, try to relax and to spontaneously accept the situation in a conversation with strangers. You must be confident and able to joke to maintain a positive wave of communication.
Find the source with General topics of common interest, so it will be easier to make friends and find interesting new acquaintance. Do not forget about manners and decency, because a great conversationalist is not one who talks a lot, and the one who listens well.