You will need
  • - collections of jokes and funny stories;
  • - good literature.
Surrounding are attracted to cheerful optimists who can always support with a joke and life-affirming story. So your sides don't get bored during a conversation with you, charge people with positive emotions, they are much nicer than negative.
To communicate freely and easily, you need to enrich vocabulary. To do this, read more good books recognized classics and contemporary authors. Pay special attention to the small pieces, because the art of storytelling will help you to interest the interlocutors.
Forget about your complexes and fear of communicating. Most people greatly exaggerates the existing (or mythical) disadvantages. Tell yourself: "I am a strong interesting personality, a trendsetter and the soul society!". If you believe it will be able to do the same for others.
Look to yourself, highlight all of its most attractive features. Experiment with fashionable clothes and find your individual style, because mediocrity is boring and uninteresting. To smile and laugh, good humor is infectious to others and will cause you to good feelings.
Expand your horizons, be interested in new topics, be aware of the events of culture and politics. To keep up with the conversation, you need to easily navigate the modern world.
Be kind to the people around you, listen carefully to their stories to help with advice and participation. The man who not only speaks, but listens to his interlocutor, will never seem boring and tedious.
Learn what topics are interesting to a particular person, next time be sure to resume the conversation after studying this question.
Humor will help you out in any situation and will help to quickly find a common language with the new source. Read collections of jokes and funny situations from life. You remember any stories, they fill in awkward pauses in the conversation.