You will need
  • - rye or stale bread;
  • - liquid honey;
  • - candle wax or tweezers;
  • - snuff or black pepper.
Once you felt a sharp pain in the throat after eating a piece of fish, try to immediately take a piece of rye bread (can be replaced with a crust of white or stale bread), and without chewing it to the end, swallow. Edge grain piece will hook a fish bone, and it will take place in the esophagus. This method is one of the most effective and proven ways used by most people.
If the bread is not helped to push the fish bone, come to the aid of the usual liquid honey. Dial a tablespoon of honey and slowly eat, at the same time try to actively work the muscles of the throat. Honey comes in contact with fish and bone will help to lower her larynx. If it becomes harder to breathe, call an ambulance.
Stand before a mirror and look closely at the larynx. If the fish bone is in sight, you can use the following method: take a wax candle and light. Squeeze his finger a few drops of wax, and until it is completely frozen, gently press down on the bone. Wait until the wax hardens, carefully remove the bone from the throat. You can also use a pair of tweezers, which should be disinfected before use.
Also can help of snuff, which because of its sharp odor causes severe sneezing. Smell this tobacco, it will help to get rid of the stuck in the throat fish bone. You can also use regular black pepper, which causes a similar effect. But in this case you should be cautious if you or your child are allergic.