Contact information. First you need to specify the name, date of birth, full contact information (address, e-mail, phone number).
Education. The main rule that should be taken when making this point – education is necessary to indicate in reverse chronological order. Starting from the last obtained education, include the school name, address, period of study and profession that you received. It is also desirable to indicate the topic of your thesis. Don't forget that you can specify the contests, Olympiads, conferences in which you participated.
Experience. Having no previous experience, you can specify information about the educational and practical activities, which relates to their chosen profession. If you graduated from a school that focuses on in-depth study of an object – specify it. Also if you played sports and made it successful, or attended special courses or mug, then put it in your summary.
You should bring all the facts that can raise your level as an employee.

If you participated in charity events or volunteer work in different organizations, tell us about your experience, because it will show you how sociable and proactive person.
Skills. In this section, specify the skills and abilities that you own. As an example, you can use the following skills: knowledge of foreign languages, computer skills, leadership skills, creative talent, initiative, mental flexibility, attention, writing skills, literacy.