Remember that a good summary should not take more than one page. Often, managers just don't have time to read a long summary. In addition, for a Bank employee it is very important ability to think systemically and to summarize the gist of the case. The existence of such skills must also follow from your summary.
The first four columns of your summary should include your surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, contact details and name of the position for which you are applying. It is desirable to indicate clearly the position (e.g., Manager on work with clients, a lawyer in tax disputes, etc.).
Under "Education" specify where you studied. You just need to specify the school, faculty and years of study. If you have additional education that will only be a plus, write about it too. Also don't forget to write about the level of knowledge of foreign languages.
The most important graph - the "experience of work". The banking sector is quite closed, banks prefer to hire professionals mainly with banking experience of work. If you are a young specialist and you don't have one, then enter a traineeship, you held in banks. Specialists with experience of work, decided to try to get to the Bank, you should describe your experience in the previous places of work so to show it as associated with those responsibilities that need to be made in the Bank.
Closes the summary column "Personal data". Describe your strengths, which, in your opinion, would make you a good specialist (responsibility, focus on results, etc.).
It is desirable (but not required) to write in summary about his family situation. In some cases (for sales managers and working with customers) important to have rights and own car. If you are applying for similar positions, don't forget to mention it.